12 Thoughts That Go Through the Mind of an UPCAT Taker

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by Alyssa Jose   |  Sep 17, 2016
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This year's University of the Philippines Admission Test, more often called the UPCAT, is finally happening on Sunday! If you're one of the 5,475 who are aspiring to be Iskolars ng Bayan, we're pretty sure that you are already in the middle of a major meltdown. You are excited to finally take the test you've been prepping for your whole life and at the same time you are scared to death because you may not have prepared enough. We want you to mentally prepare for what's to come so we listed down the things that go through the mind of every UPCAT taker during the actual exam. Plus, we want you to lighten up. You deserve to ~relax~ after all that hardcore studying!

  1. "Why does the exam have to be so early?"

    "How am I supposed to function at 6 AM??" We feel you! Waking up before sunrise is already a test by itself. Make sure you skip the ~*regrets*~ on Sunday morning by going to bed early the night before.

  2. "I got this in the bag. I will pass the UPCAT. I will become an Iskolar ng Bayan."

    That's it. You will definitely need confidence to keep you sane during the UPCAT. Remember that you have no one else to cheer you on once you've entered the testing room so be your own cheerleader.

  3. "Is everyone freaking out, too?"

    "Is it normal to feel this nervous for an exam? Why are't you guys panicking?" Trust us, they are panicking and yes, even that cute seatmate of yours who seems so calm and collected is losing it right now.

  4. "Did I bring enough pencils?"

    "Did I check if they're No. 2 pencils? Did I bring a sharpener with me? What if I run out of pencils?" Giiirl, we're sure you brought seven perfectly sharpened pencils with you. You can calm down now.

  5. "a2 + b2 = c2” *repeat 100 times*"

    "Mitochondria is the power house of the cell." *recites periodic table* *blurts out names of all American presidents* Your brain will shift into overdrive trying to remember EVERYTHING you studied and being overwhelmed by the information vomit will be your greatest nightmare; make sure you keep everything under control.

  6. "I'm sure that letter B is right answer. I'm feeling great!"

    *happy dance* Nothing beats the feeling of nailing a super complicated math problem. Give yourself a pat on the back but keep the party to a minimum because time is ticking!

  7. *Hears Pages Turn* "Why is everyone ahead of me??!!"

    "You guys have no chill." Calm down for a second. You are not being left behind so don't feel pressured to keep up. You are just making sure that your answers are correct. Slowly but surely, right? Plus, minding your seatmates won't do you any favor. Try your best to focus, dear.

  8. "Should I start eating my baon?"

    "Why is no one else eating? Hello, aren't you guys getting hungry from all this solving?" All the thinking will be draining to make sure you fill yourself up during the test. Time is precious though, so make sure you don’t put that pencil down.

  9. "I feel sick." 

    "Now is not the time to get sick. Why is the world so cruel???” It's probably just the jitters. You're really bound to feel sick when your stomach is doing somersaults but don't let the anxiety get the best of you. You came here to win.

  10. *blank*

    *pterodactyl screech* You know that you have solved this math problem before but the right formula suddenly escapes you. You will surely experience a mental block because of all the stress and the nervousness. If this happens to you on Sunday, just take deep breaths and stay calm.

  11. "Why is her scratch paper full of equations and solutions? I am dead meat."


  12. "I will absolutely fail. Goodbye, UP." *sobs*

    After the UPCAT you will feel tired, and drained, and hungry. You will feel like you didn’t do your best and that you have disappointed your ancestors. We just want to tell you that it is totally normal to feel this way. Drive the negativity away and assure yourself that you did everything that you can and now you just have to let it go and wait for the results.

There will be times during this five hour-exam when you'd just want to wave a white flag of surrender, but don't falter. Remember that now is not the time to choke. You have prepared for this moment and you won’t let all that hardwork go to waste. The UPCAT is not here to test just how smart you are, it is meant to measure the strength of your character and how you’ll manage to come through even if all the odds are against you. Remember that a true Iskolar ng Bayan will never back down from a challenge. Best of luck, Candy Girls!

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