12 Signs You're Obsessed With K-Dramas

It's a cycle.
by Mira Blancada   |  Jan 21, 2017
Image: MBC | Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
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Descendants Of The Sun, Legend Of The Blue Sea, W: Two Worlds, Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo, Goblin (the never-ending list goes on)—there are just sooooo many good Korean dramas that we can't get enough of! We admit that we're absolutely obsessed with K-Dramas and we're most certainly not looking for a cure. Want to know if you are, too? Here are signs you're obsessed with K-Dramas.

  1. You get excited every time you see Koreans in real life.

Every time you see Koreans at the mall, school, or park, you get excited and imagine you're inside a K-Drama. And once they start talking, you just can't get a hold of yourself.

  1. You call your crush "oppa" when he's not around.

Instead of calling your crush by his name; you call him oppa around your friends. It's a good strategy because your oppa doesn't know what it means—unless he's secretly a K-Drama fanatic. Oppa, saranghaeyo! 

  1. You start saying things in Korean.

Annyeonghaseyo, Aigoo, Ppali, Juseyo, Ahjumma, and so on. Sometimes, the person you're talking to doesn't understand what you're saying. But you don't care. It's more fun if there's at least one or two Korean words in the sentence.

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  1. There's a new Korean restaurant in town? I wanna go!

You crave Korean BBQ more than pizza, bulgogi more than French fries, and ramyun more than spaghetti. How can they blame you? Characters in K-Dramas eat. A LOT. And because of that, you start craving Korean food more than anything else. Gosh, they're so lucky to have amazing dishes! 

  1. You want to travel to South Korea.

When you finish a K-Drama, you feel the sudden urge of wanting to travel to South Korea. You just want to go to all of the places they went to and imagine yourself inside it. A place changes once it's shown in the K-Drama. Whether it's a warehouse or a bench; it's instantly a tourist spot!


  1. There's an invisible "Do Not Disturb" sign around you when you're watching a K-Drama episode.

Once you start watching an episode, people around you indirectly know they can't talk to you. Duh, you need to be ready to read those subtitles. And once they disturb you, they're doomed!

  1. You watch K-Dramas anywhere.

Your phone is your life saver when it comes to watching K-Dramas in public transportation (or even in the bathroom)! 

  1. What eye bags?

It's one in the morning and you have a class at seven. You certainly have your priorities straight because even if you're getting an hour (or two) less of sleep, you have absolutely no regrets. 

  1. You have high expectations of your boyfriend.

Most of the K-Drama leading men are possessive, sweet, caring, and the type of guy that will do anything for the leading lady; basically, the perfect guy. This explains why you have crazy high standards for the men in your life. If you're single, this is probably the reason why.

  1. You love K-POP.

It's impossible to love K-Dramas and hate K-Pop. Impossible! They're like one and the same. K-Drama without K-Pop in the background? What world are you living in?

  1. You do the "just one more episode" mantra.

You promised yourself a thousand times that the episode you're watching is going to be your last one you'll watch before you study. But promises are meant to be broken, so you blame the K-Drama; it won't let you go, you say.

  1. When you finish a K-Drama, you become lost.

Once a K-Drama ends, the world becomes a less colorful place for you. When there's no K-Drama to watch, you seem to lose all motivation and excitement, and so you look for a new one. And then, you get obsessed all over again.

Let's talk K-Drama! Let us know your faves by leaving a comment below!

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