11 Things To Remember When You Start 2015

These are important reminders that never get old even when the new year is standing just close by.
by You!   |  Jan 2, 2015
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  1. Mornings are new beginnings clothed in sunrise, breakfast, and morning coffee. There's nothing to worry about waking up early or how things will turn out for the day. You are made to wake up because you are blessed and you are loved. Now go whisper a little prayer and take a deep breath. You'll do great as you hoped.

  2. You are wonderfully made and your beauty radiates even when you don't notice it. If you don’t believe for a second that you're beautiful, know that someone is in awe of the way you shine and how much you illuminate brighter the moment you erase that make up at the end of the day.

  3. Your wildest dreams and highest aspirations are possible. Yes you can achieve them, yes you can hold onto them someday, but you have to walk the wire, ignite work with passion, and fall madly in love with what you do.

  4. If you fail, you can always stand up once again. Choose to do so until you have all the chances you've lost, until you win.

  5. Dark days are going to dim your world but they are not going to take up space in your life forever. Always remember that there's a light at the end of a tunnel, there's sunshine after a ravaging storm, and you can breathe freely again after diving too deep. You will be okay.

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  6. You're going to get disappointed and somebody will try to break your heart. You'll go mad because it will hurt but it is in times like this when you will know who'll take you for a drive, let you cry for a second and tell you how much they love you. You're going to love and trust again.

  7. When life gets exhausting sometimes, there's always sleep to welcome you home.

  8. The book you've fallen asleep with at night, the music you've turned up loud in your bedroom are the simple joys in life you should never deprive yourself of. Know that they are always there for you waiting on a bookshelf or in your music player.

  9. There are 365 days in a year, and within those numbers are the good days of your life waiting to happen. Make them happen.

  10. If you want the people you love to stay, never hurt them. Don't tell them lies to make them stay and don't say words that will eventually make them run away. Because once they do, they'll go to a far place never to be return again. If you love them enough that you can never bring yourself to give them up, just love them.

  11. You don't have to do things contrary to what your heart feels.

Alve Jane Aranton blogs at http://sheisthepaperbackwriter.tumblr.com.

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