10 Ways To Make the Most Out Of Your Last Few Weeks Of School

Before you enjoy your summer vacay, make the most of your last month of school!
by Ingrid Borja   |  Mar 11, 2014
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The school year is about to end! Just few weeks to go and we can already say goodbye to project deadlines, long exams, and sleepless nights.

But let us not talk about the best summer destinations and things to do this summer just yet, and focus first on our top most priority! Here we rundown 10 ways on how to make the most out of your last few weeks of school!

  1. Make that extra effort in doing your projects, homework, and reviewing for your finals! A little goes a long way, who knows you’ll end the school year with flying colors? One last push; give it your best shot.
  2. Keep track of everything that needs to be done by creating a to-do list.
  3. Focus on one thing at a time. It’s quite hard to tick off everything most especially when your to-do list is piling up. But doing this will help you concentrate and as an effect, you’ll definitely be churning out good quality work.
  4. School usually means your parents give you a regular allowance. With only a few weeks of school left, why not save a portion of it to bring your dream summer vacation come to life? Or maybe save enough for that music festival you’ve been waiting to go to since forever!
  5. There are more or less 210 days of school, and we cannot totes avoid having misunderstandings with our classmates and peers. Before the school year ends, make peace with them whom you’ve hurt and forgive those who hurt you. Let’s leave that behind, so that we can start with a clean slate.
  6. Avoid cramming! We students are guilty as charged for this. If you can do it now, then do it. Free yourself from stress!
  7. Help in disposing your projects, books, and folders that have been stuck in your classroom for months! Go to your local barangay to ask about recycling procedures.
  8. What better way to spend your spare time than chit-chatting with your pals? Loosen up yourself from workload and catch up with your pals over some milk tea, maybe? Two months of vacation is quite long and we’re pretty sure that you’ll miss each other!
  9. The last few weeks of school are always the stressful ones. But don’t make it an excuse not to enjoy. Think of ways on how you can enjoy while still fulfilling your duties and responsibilities as a student. Why not have a group study, or plan a sleepover, where you help each other finish your group work.

10. Lastly, here’s to graduating students. Make a lot of memories; it’s not yet too late! Have crazy fun times with your best friends. Embrace the moment because right after you stepped into the new chapter of your life, you’ll definitely miss everything.

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