10 Ways To Kick Off A Great Summer

School’s out! It’s the perfect time for some Me Time—and we've got 10 great ways to spend it!
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Mar 3, 2004
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10. Stuff all my school books into the deepest, darkest corner of my room.

9. Start a blog to keep me busy during the summer days.

8. Buy a hammock.

7. Turn the air conditioner on full blast, and sleep the afternoon away.

6. Buy a kikay kit full of beach beauty products.

5. Turn up the volume, and sing my favorite song really loud while jumping up and down on my bed.

4. Get on the Internet and search for a water sport workshop I’m interested in.

3. Get a foot scrub and a pedicure so I can start wearing my summer flip-flops.

2. Buy a pint of my favorite ice cream and not be afraid to eat it.

1. Practice my backstroke.

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Chinggay Labrador is a freelance writer for several publications in Manila and overseas. An architect by profession, she loves to travel, dabble in design, bake brownies, bike, surf, practice yoga, and contribute to her family's blog, thehappylab.com.ph. She has released three novels, and her latest fictional short story will be published this month under Buqo Bookstore. She is currently working on a collaborative novel. Chinggay is also a yoga instructor teaching vinyasa yoga, foundations and restoratives. 
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