10 Ways to Keep in Touch While School's Out

Scared of losing touch with your friends over the summer? Just because you don't get to see them in person doesn't mean you can't know what's going on in their lives!
by Julianne Suazo   |  May 28, 2014
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Some of you will have an extended summer due to the shift in the academic calendar. Which means, you might not see some of your friends for another month or two. That's like forever in friend time, right? But in this day and age, there are so many ways to keep in touch! We list a few of them down.

  1. Facebook
    As much as it is a painful reminder of schoolwork with the numerous academic-related groups you're in, Facebook isn't that bad in the summer. Looking at all those photos posted by your friends (or friend's mom) on your timeline lets you know what's going on in their lives. Given the occasional pictures of food, pets, and whatnot. Facebook Messenger would be our best shot in keeping in touch considering that everyone is on it now. On your laptop, phone, and other gadgets, you can count on Facebook messenger to keep you in the loop.

    10 Ways to Keep in Touch While School's Out
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  2. Twitter
    Not only is Twitter the best social media platform to stalk your celebrity crushes (or non-celebrity crushes for that matter, wink wink), it is also a great way to keep up with what's been going on in your friends' lives. You can always count on their Twitpics where they're spending their vacation or tweets about their latest TV show obsession to show up on your feed. The direct message function is also very convenient for 140-character-long messages aka a short catch-up!

    10 Ways to Keep in Touch While School's Out
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  3. Viber
    Viber is probably the most convenient app for communicatingI have on every gadget I own (even on my laptop). When your Internet browser fails to load, you can always just move your conversation to Viber. It only requires your mobile number and WiFi, and you're good to go!

  4. Tumblr Ask
    Tumblr Ask is very helpful when you need to ask your friend about something you saw on their blog! Or basically talk to them about anything when you know they're hiding under an anti-social rock where they don't go on Facebook, Twitter, or reply to any of your text messages.

    10 Ways to Keep in Touch While School's Out
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  5. WeChat
    WeChat is almost the same as Viber except it allows you to record voice messages. So when you and your friends are feeling too lazy to even type, just click on a button and say what you need to say and your friends can play it on the other end. It's really convenient when you don't want to waste your credits on a call.

    10 Ways to Keep in Touch While School's Out
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  6. WhatsApp
    WhatsApp is really helpful when it comes to group chatting and sending over videos to friends.

  7. Snapchat
    Whenever you feel like you just need to show your friends something you just saw, Snapchat is the perfect app! No need for words (although you have that option, too); just snap a photo and send them to your contacts! Your friends can reply with an image back. It's also the perfect app for the funny and ugly selfies you just want to send to your friends (admit it, we all do it.) In some cases, people just like to snap pictures of their pets and most of the time, that's okay.

    10 Ways to Keep in Touch While School's Out
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  8. Skype
    Skype is what keeps long distance relationships (be it with family, loved ones or friends) alive and going. Video chatting is the closest thing to seeing and being with the people you care about in person. You can eat your meals together, watch the same movie at the same time, or basically do anything together.

  9. Instagram
    When people say they don't have time to go on the Internet to check their Facebook or any other social media platforms, they're usually on Instagram. Everyone has the time to Instagram. You can find a picture of their last meal, favorite pet, or just really random things (you'd be surprised what I've seen on my Instagram feed). It's one of the best ways to check up to see what they're up to! Instagram Direct is really convenient for when you're not so sure about making a post public but you still want to show your friends, anyway!

    10 Ways to Keep in Touch While School's Out
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  10. Kik Messenger
    Kik Messenger is by far, the best messenger app for me because it lets you see whether your message has been sent, delivered, and read. It also has a really sleek design and layout that it's almost like text messaging! Did I mention that it allows you to send photos, group chat and it has a built-in browser?


What are you waiting for? Get to it, Candy Girls!

10 Ways to Keep in Touch While School's Out
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