10 Types of 'Cool Girls' You'll Meet in College

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May 24, 2017
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10 Types of 'Cool Girls' You'll Meet in College

It's always good to keep an open mind when meeting people, especially in college. Here, the lines are blurred between the cheerleaders and the nerds, and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how wide the spectrum of cool can be. Here are some of the coolest kinds of girls you'll meet on campus:

Little Miss Friendly
This girl is super nice and is friends with everyone. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone: You can't go anywhere in the campus without this girl greeting someone she knows every five seconds. It's like she came to college to socialize and spread good vibes, which isn't so bad at all!

The Future Girl Boss
College is a great time to start forging a career in your dream profession, and the Future Girl Bosses know it. When not attending classes, these super independent and passionate ladies moonlight as courtside reporters, CSR graveyard shifters, freelance photographers, online shop owners, student DJs, or part-time tutors. Their common denominator? They know what they want and what they need to do to succeed.

The Fab Fashionista
This girl almost always looks straight off the fashion runway without even trying. She can pull off the most insane outfits—in fact, you tried to dress like her once, only to end up looking homeless. And not only is she super chic and cool, but her IG game's impressive, too!

The Social Butterfly
We don't know where she gets the stamina to hang out on school nights and still be able to attend her 7 AM class the morning after. This girl always brings out the fun side of everyone, and she always reminds us that there's life outside of school too.

Miss Low-Key And Chill
This girl is fond of staying under the radar. People don't know much about her, but that doesn't mean they don't notice her. She just tends to keep to herself and her small circle of friends, preferring to let her successes speak for her. Let's just say she doesn't need a spotlight to shine bright.

The Student Athlete
Student athletes are the campus' real celebs. You see them competing (and winning!) on TV, and when you encounter one of them in your class or org, you can't help but get starstruck. Good thing most of them don't let their fame get to their heads: they're mostly clueless to the idea of their popularity since they're too focused on juggling acads and their sports.

The Straight A Cutie
She's the rare creature who actually enjoys every minute of her classes and not surprisingly, aces each one of them. You have a strong feeling that there's already a draft of a valedictory speech saved on her laptop as early as freshman year, and you secretly hope it contains her secrets on how she maintains to look fresh while raking in all those As.

The Feisty Fighter
This girl's always fighting for the greater good, whether she's calling for a decrease of the nation's carbon footprint or protesting against a tuition fee increase. Her fearlessness and her passion for her beliefs make you want to join her in her advocacies.

The Creative Chick
These free-spirited ladies are overflowing with creativity and the skills to pull off their ideas. Whether their chosen medium is the stage or the canvas, you can bet that these girls will always make everyone's jaws drop. We're always excited to see what they're going to conjure up next!

Your Besties (AKA The Best People You'll Ever Meet)
These people are a little bit of every archetype rolled into one fun, colorful package. They're your stress relievers and secret-keepers; your second fam and your bridesmaids-to-be. These girls inspire you to be your own type of cool—and that's just about the coolest thing there is.

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