10 Things Undecided Senior High Students Are Tired of Hearing

"Ano ba talaga ang gusto mong course?"
by Gillian Sun   |  May 31, 2017
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With the first batch of SHS students on their last year of high school, the most awaited part of the journey comes with it: college applications! As exciting as this new adventure sounds, it's still nerve-racking, especially for those who don't know what to take up yet. Here are a few one-liners undecided seniors are tired of hearing:

  1. "One more year and we're off to college!"

Your friends are all excited to pack their bags and finally study things they're actually passionate about. Amidst all the excitement, you can't help but feel jealous. Pahingi ng decisiveness, bes!

  1. "What are your goals in life?"

As much as you're tired of hearing this, everyone else is also tired of hearing you jokingly respond with "marry a pop star and become the queen of England." But hey, they can't blame you for channeling your frustrations into humor.

  1. "Ano ba talaga ang gusto mong course?"

You know your loved ones are just trying to help you make up your mind, but this broken record of a line just makes you want to rip your hair off because you seriously Don't. Know. Yet.

  1. "Kung ano gusto mo, 'yun na 'yun."

'Di ko nga alam kung ano ang gusto ko! You think through a polite smile. 

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  1. "Ha? 'Yan ang gusto mo? Sure ka?"

At this point, you're trying your best not to scream your lungs out. It's irritating how everyone around you is pushing for a decision, but when you do put one on the table, it's almost immediately shut down for reasons you've lost count of.

  1. "Doon ka kung saan ka magaling."

Sorry, tita, but I don't think universities offer courses majoring in Self-doubt and Constant Second-guessing.

  1. "Follow your heart."

Your friends mean no harm when they tell you this, but you somehow wish they'd understand that as much as you don't know what to take up, neither does your heart. Your whole being is a confused, distraught mess when it comes to career choices; no system and thought corner spared.

  1. "Wala ka bang plano sa buhay mo?"

Even if your relatives try to play it off as a joke, you can't help but feel a tad hurt. You're already giving yourself heat for not being able to decide this far into the journey. The fear of not being able to achieve anything has been etched into your mind for a while now, and you don't need a constant reminder of the pressure.

  1. "Don't forget to be practical."

As you submit all of the application forms, you will never forget this constant reminder from your parents. As much as you want to follow your heart, you still want to be able to give back once you graduate. The pressure of choosing a high-paying, in-demand job sets the plate way higher.

  1. "Make sure you'll stick with what you choose."

Having the indecisive nature means that your mind will want different things at different parts of your life, which is really what makes the decision hard.     

How many of these lines have you been told?

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