10 Things To Do Before You Turn 18

Belle Daza shares 10 things you must do before turning 18.
by Angel Constantino Aquino   |  Mar 5, 2010
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  1. Bond with your family. "I'm pretty close to my family. I have two siblings, Raf and Ava. We went to Boracay one time for New Year's and it was really fun. You can do a lot of water sports, such as banana boating and fly fishing. Everyone will love it!"

  2. Start building your makeup kit. "In high school, nobody really wears makeup. But by the time you're 18 and in college, you should know the basics of putting on makeup. Look for a shade of concealer that's the same color as your skin, and use sunblock and moisturizer often, especially if you play sports, like I do!"

  3. Treasure your high school memories. "High school was the best! My friends and I did everything together. Go on road trips and beach trips, don't waste time having petty fights, and take lots of pictures!"

  4. Cherish your best friends. "My high school friends are some of my best-est friends. Now that we're nin college, we keep in touch by visiting each other in schol or watching movies together. During Valentine's Day, we exchange gifts. It's a tradition we started in high school when not everyone had guys. We still do it up to now!"

  5. Get into sports. "Playing sports will keep you fit and healthy. I've been on the soccer team since high school. It allows me to eat and not starve myself. I try to maintain a healthy diet, but I'm also allowed to eat pizza—which I love!"

  6. Explore your hobbies and interests. "Aside from sports, I like surfing the Net, reading, and shopping! I used to play the drums, and paint too. It's important to have a hobby outside of school so you can relieve your stress and learn new things."

  7. Take chances. "When I was in high school, I never thought I could model because I played sports and was tomboyish. Then, an opportunity came when Ben Chan suggested I be the new face of Human. At first, I had a lot of fears and misgivings. I'm not the type to look at myself in the mirror and practice my angles. It's a good thing my mom (former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz) and cousin (model Georgina Wilson) went with me to my first shoot and gave me lots of tips. Now, I'm really enjoying it! I get a lot of perks, I meet people who are fun to work with, and I learn a lot about time management. I'm glad I took the risk!"

  8. Reach for your dreams. "A dream I had in high school was to get into a good school. To achieve it, I studied hard and made a lot of sacrifices. Teens should strive to achieve their dreams. If you focus, you can do it!"

  9. Travel. "I visited Paris and it was amazing. Everyone is so gorgeous and everyone dresses so well! It's not true what people say that they're snobbish towards tourists. They're very accommodating and quite friendly."

  10. Be independent. "One way is to learn how to value money and save up for something you really want. Doing chores is another way, like how my mom assigns me to go to the grocery. You should also learn to manage your time well-an important skill for college since you'll be given a lot of freedom. If you want to be treated like an adult, you have to act like one."
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