10 Things That Go Through Your Mind on the First Day of College

by Keisha Lao   |  Jun 11, 2015
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College is about to start for most of us but some may not know what to do about it. Everyone's first day will be a little bit different from one another yet we can all say that we will never know what to expect. Here are a few things most college students can honestly say entered their minds on their very first day.

 1  Still wishing it was summer.


You may catch yourself thinking about all the great adventures you had while your professor is discussing the syllabus. Oh, that trip to the beach that one time or the trip abroad—instead of realizing the fact that school has already started, you will still be hoping that you were someplace else.      

 2  College is filled with different types of people.



College is the best place to meet all sorts of new people. As high school was a safe place, filled with people you have known throughout the years, college is the exact opposite. You may bump into some familiar faces every once in a while but most of the people you will be meeting will be totally new to you.

 3  How can I make friends?


Do you feel alone on the first day of school and want someone to talk to? That's what blockmates are for! They will be with you from the very first day college starts until the day you graduate so keep them close because you may even find your college bff through one of them!

 4  Did I dress nice enough?


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Every first day of school, some students, especially the freshmen experience some kind of pressure wherein they have to be able to dress well. Maybe it’s because of first impression or maybe they just wanted to dress nicely. Although the thing is, it doesn't really matter. All you have to do is dress the way you normally would. No pressure!

 5  Which organizations should I join?


College is all about exploring yourself and learning who you really are. Join as many organizations as you want to, most of which are of interest to you and soon enough, you will realize which one you're meant to be in. But remember, never forget to have fun while you’re at it!

 6  Oh no, I don't know where my next class is!



Never be afraid to ask questions. The upperclassmen don't bite! Nothing is worse than starting the school year with late classes just because you didn't know where the building was! Although when worse comes to worst, it would be helpful for you to know where all your classes are before schools starts. This will make you feel better because you wouldn't get lost trying to figure out where to go.

 7  I wish I were still in high school!


You'll never know how fun college really is until you've already experienced it. Sure high school was great and all, especially because you were just always with your friends, or the people you were comfortable with. But that's what college is all about—breaking out of your shell and discovering who you really are! Once you graduate college, all you will be wishing for is that you were still in it

 8  It feels like no one likes me.


Sometimes you can't help but feel like no one really likes you. But the thing is–you're not the only one. Everyone gets those first day jitters leaving them thinking the same thing. But that may only be because no one knows you yet. Your college years may be the best of years but only if you allow them to be. And it all depends on how you make it from day one.

 9  Homework already?



There's no time to rest! Some professors may give you homework during your very first meeting but don't be surprised! It's totally normal. Better make yourself used to the sleepless nights now before its too late. Or better yet, make yourself used to getting the job done right away. Cramming isn't always the solution.

 10  College isn't so bad after all!


While some of us may have bad first days, others may have the total opposite. Although some things may not always go as planned, the first week of college should be exciting!

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