10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week

by Julianne Suazo   |  Oct 15, 2014
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  1. "You look tired."

    Well I wonder what gave it away. Could it have been my hair that I have forgotten to comb, possibly my eyebags that actually feel they're throbbing, or maybe my barely-open set of eyes? I'm so sorry I did not have the time in between studying for my Theology exam and taking a shower to put on makeup for you or blow-dry my hair.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  2. "Wow, your eyebags."

    Wow, thanks for the update on the clear signs of stress on my face! It's not like I own a mirror or anything, so I really really needed to hear that. Hold on, let me just revert back the size of my eyebags for you. Oh wait, I can't.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  3. "Well I have SO much more to do than you!"

    Sometimes, one of the best ways to de-stress is to let it all out. That includes continuous rants and very detailed descriptions of your workload. It's normal to complain during hell week. However, there's always that one person that, when you try to talk to them about your workload, they'll always try to top it and start to compare. They try to make you feel that you have no right to complain because they have "so much more" on their plate.  Guess what, work is work and stress is stress, no matter what or how much.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  4. "If I were you, I'd try to get more sleep."

    Nope, it's not like I'm trying to get more hours for sleep, absolutely not. Isn't it obvious? I'm not sleeping on purpose, just so you can make rude and depreciating comments like that. Believe me, if only I could get more sleep, I wouldn't be holding the sixth cup of coffee I'm having for the day.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  5. "Why are you on Facebook?"

    Where do we always here this from? Our parents. I actually don't know what kind of dark magic conspires behind my back and decided that every single time my parents just happen to pass by right behind me and my computer, the tab open would be Facebook. And of course, some parents have already been convinced that Facebook's sole purpose is either to chat with friends or to play games. Either way, Facebook means slacking off. What some parents don't understand is that all of our school groups, important files, and Google documents are ALL there! Trust me, ma, I'm not on Facebook to play Farmville.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  6. "What? You find *insert subject* hard? It's supposed to be easy!"

    Probably one of the worst things to hear because a. you wouldn't be complaining in the first place if I didn't find it difficult b. it just makes me feel even more stupid than I already do, and c. it's not helping me deal with the frustration, like, at all.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  7. “Tiwala lang.” or "You need to chill."

    Well if you haven't already noticed, telling a person going through hell week to chill actually has the opposite effect. It makes the person even more frustrated, infuriated, and irritated. How can I possibly chill or rely on tiwalawhen so much is on the line?! How?! HOW?!

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week 10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  8. "I don't understand why you're so stressed."

    You usually hear this from your parents along with their stories of them in college and how they don’t remember ever being as stressed as we are.  No, pa, I don't need to hear how it's supposed to be easy for me.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  9. "Stop crying."

    Some people cope with the stress through crying and you just have to physically be there for the person and not say anything. Misery loves company. Don't even dare tell them to stop sobbing or wailing because you will end up making them cry even more. And that's just going to be awkward for the both of you.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
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  10. "You're gaining weight."

    Truth be told, there's never a right time to say this. Hell week or not, do NOT negatively comment about anyone's weight. Unless you have a death wish of some sort then by all means, go right ahead.

    10 Things Teens Hate Hearing During Hell Week
    via aliciathomas.tumblr.com

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