10 Things Students Who Have Classes at Night Can Relate To

Papasok ka pa lang, pauwi na si crush.
by Mara Agner   |  Sep 7, 2017
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The one sure perk of having classes at night is the fact that you don't have to wake up sooooo early in the morning to go to school. Everything else just depends on how you look at it. Here are 10 things only students with classes at night can relate to.

  1. You don't have to deal with rush hour traffic.

Because your classes are at night, you don't have to worry about fighting your way into an LRT coach or being stuck in traffic with 5 million other people.

  1. You aren't available for a night out with friends.

Unless you're going clubbing, "Hangout after classes?" is a question that's really not applicable to you. Why? The usual student hangouts are mostly closed by the time your class gets dismissed. #sadlyf

  1. You're still fresh as hell.

You easily stand out in a sea of haggard-looking students in school because you basically are just on your way to your first class of the day.

  1. After classes, most of the facilities in school are already closed.

Planning a trip to the library after classes? Welp, it's already closed. Want to grab some food from the cafeteria? Sarado na, girl.

  1. You don't get to see your crush.

Papasok ka pa lang, pauwi na si crush. Nasaan ang hustisya?! #starcrossedlovers

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  1. You go to the restroom in groups.

Since there are fewer students at night, the halls are usually empty and the restrooms are especially eerie. So you ask your gang to go with you, which isn't too much of a help since they like to joke around and pull pranks—like turn off the lights—to scare you.

  1. You get soooo sleepy.

While the rest of the student body is eating dinner or working on class requirements at home, you're still inside the classroom trying your hardest to stay awake and pay attention to what your professor is trying to say.

  1. You don't really care about whether or not classes are suspended.

Unlike most students who are up so early in the morning (or already in school) waiting for class suspensions to be announced, you're not worried one bit because your classes aren't until later that day.

  1. You don't get to eat dinner at home with your family...

...but you get to eat it with your fam in school. Break times during night classes usually mean dinner time with your classmates.

  1. Overnight sessions are more convenient...

...if your group mates are from the same evening classes. When the members of the group are from a different subject and you attend different classes, it sucks for them because you still have to finish yours before getting to help finish the group work at someone else's house.

What are your evening classes experiences? Spill in the comments! 

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