10 Things Students Waiting for Class Suspensions Can Relate To

"Nag-announce na ba?"
by Mara Agner   |  Jul 26, 2017
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Class suspensions—we've all experienced the thrill of wanting it, whether at home while getting ready for school or even while in school in the hopes of dodging a dreaded exam. Here are the 10 things every student waiting for the announcement of class suspensions can relate to. 

  1. Upon waking up, you immediately ask whoever's awake if classes are suspended.

"Lakas ng ulan. May pasok ba?" or "Nag-announce na ba?" is your way of saying "good morning."

  1. Instead of getting ready, you use the time to check social media if classes are indeed suspended.

You immediately search #WalangPasok on your socials and keep refreshing your school's Twitter account.

  1. You tune in to morning shows to check if your school announced class suspensions already.

Even if it means having to watch segments like "How to Cook Sinigang with a Twist" or a lucky housewife's grocery hakot challenge. Anything for that elusive class suspension announcement!

  1. You get frustrated when nearby schools advise their students not to come in already and yours still hasn't.

By this time, you start to blame your school administration for the lack of updates and for being inefficient.

  1. You keep checking your phone just in case your university sent a text blast of the announcement.

Even if you hate your uni at the moment, you still haven't given up on them.

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  1. You message everyone you know from school to ask if they're coming in or not.

You start your messages with either "May pasok ba?" or "Pasok ka ba?" 

  1. While waiting for updates, you whine on social media about how slow the updates are taking.

Do lines like "Anong akala niyo sa amin, waterproof?" and "Mag-su-suspend lang kayo pag nasa school na mga tao!" sound familiar to you?

  1. You bombard your school's Twitter account with questions about class suspension.

The account of the mayor of the city in which your school is under is no exception, too, especially since they're more proactive in terms of giving class suspension announcements.

  1. After an hour or so, you decide that waiting for classes to be suspended is hopeless.

 With a heavy heart, you get ready for school—take a shower, put on make up, fix your hair...

  1. ...until it's finally announced that there are indeed no classes!

You want to curse the universe for playing a mean joke on you, but you hold back because no matter how prepared you are for school, nothing beats the feeling of staying home, doing nothing on a rainy day.

How many of these do you do everytime the rain is pouring hard?

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