10 Struggles of People Who Are Always Hungry

Where's the food?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 23, 2015
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There are those who eat to live, and then there are those who live to eat. And you thought being part of the latter is always so fun? No, it's not. When you're always craving for something, every minute of every day is a struggle. We honestly thought that only a few can get how we're feeling, but when we found the hashtag #GrowingUpHungry on Twitter, we knew we weren't alone. Read a few of the struggles of people who grew up always feeling hungry and check which ones you can totally relate to.

 1  You're always torn between hunger and laziness.

 2  You're always feeling sleepy because you ate a little too much.

 3  You bring way too much food when you swore you'd only be getting a bag of chips.

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 4  Your tummy always thinks that it's never eaten enough food.

 5  You're so tired of hearing these lines over and over again.

 6  You wonder how many meals you should eat in one day just so you can call it a day.

 7  You should always, always eat something in between classes.

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 8  You find yourself in this situation all the time:

 9  Or in this one:

 10  And lastly, in this one:

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