10 Things Only Lazy People Will Understand

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by Mira Blancada   |  Feb 24, 2017
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You didn't choose the lazy lifestyle, the lazy lifestyle chose you. People think that all lazy people do is just sleep and eat (kinda true, though), but the truth is, there's a lot more to it than just those two. TBH, it's pretty hard, too! Below, we've list down the things only lazy people will understand. P.S. We know it looks a lot for you lazy people, but please read the whole thing!

  1. The "I can do it tomorrow" mindset.

Why bother doing it today if you can do it tomorrow, right? Your approach to tasks is "I still have enough time" until the due date arrives and you only have two hours left to finish your project.

  1. Doing nothing is something.

You get out of bed at 3PM—only because you have the sudden urge to pee—and your family members congratulate you for finally doing something with your day.

  1. Getting the TV's remote control is a struggle.

It's either you shrug it off and just watch whatever show is playing or you use your arms and legs—any body part, really—to reach it without ever standing up. Most of the time, it's the latter. 

  1. Sweatpants (or pajamas) all day, every day.

Staying at home wearing your sweatpants or pambahay every day? Best thing ever!

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  1. Shopping at online stores.

You don't understand why some people choose to go to the mall, make themselves look presentable, walk around for 30 minutes (or more) until they buy all the things they need when there's this thing called online shopping, where you can shop at home while laying in bed wearing your pajamas.

  1. Couches and beds are everything.

Everything! You could spend all day in bed or the couch doing absolutely nothing.

  1. Exercise doesn't exist in your vocabulary.

Doing your bed every morning and getting the remote is already enough movement for you. #DailyQuotaAchieved  

  1. Washing the dishes is a no-no.

Plastic utensils and plates? Yes please!

  1. Netflix and chill, literally.

You don't like fancy restaurants or amusement parks because you have to walk around and ACTUALLY do something to have fun. Your ideal date is just chilling at home while watching your favorite movies. 

  1. Your innovative side comes out.

Who said being lazy has no benefits? Well, they're definitely wrong! When you're lazy, you think of ways to make your task (or life, in general) easier. And who doesn't want that, right?

Did we miss anything? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below!

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