10 Things Only Artsy Girls Will Understand

From being expected to make art for various occasions to spending your allowance buying art materials.
by Aleeza Abinuman   |  May 14, 2017
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  1. Schools aren't always 100% supportive of art.

Sure, you have an arts subject and other classes that require creativity for some of the projects. There might even be a handful of paintings displayed near the principal's office. But when it comes to art-related competitions, the funding isn't as much as the athletes get. Or sometimes the style you want isn't as appreciated as a piece that fits an ideal template. Art is still a subject that must be taught well and not taken for granted, and yet oftentimes, the opposite happens. You still listen anyways, trying to absorb the history and the way that art is different for everyone.

  1. You always want to tweak posters a tiny bit.

All those fire prevention tarps by the gate? They totally used a color scheme that obviously does not match. The posters they hand out for the next in-school singing contest? The font is too hard to read and does not match the theme of the event. It's not even limited to just posters. Those PowerPoint presentations with neon text and those flyers promoting healthy eating with the stretched out pictures make a small part of you cringe. You understand that it's not everybody's field of expertise, and try to shush the part of you that blurts out all the things to be edited.

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  1. You subconsciously identify certain elements in a piece.

From a rare font that you can easily identify to a color that you know too well. From a style that is similar to a famous author's to a rhythm that is all too familiar...you notice these little things, even if you don't mean to. You didn't even know that you kept that sort of information, but when you see it, something lights up in your mind. You know this probably from all the late-night painting or the hours trying to choose a font or maybe from insisting that you read another chapter or the countless songs you have in your playlist. Nothing's wrong with that, of course, and it helps a lot with homework or random trivia bursts.

  1. You kind of want to bring your materials to school every day.

Oh, if you could, you would. Usually they're bulky, or you're afraid that something might mar them. That new watercolor palette you've just received in the mail? You want to sneak in a few quick paintings, but you can't bear the thought of losing it or dropping it somewhere and breaking the colors. Those materials for your current sculpture? You've been working on it for a while and you get all the best ideas while you're in school but you can't bring it since it's so heavy. That set of calligraphy pens you've only stored in your room? You're afraid that they will slip out your bag or that someone might accidentally drop them. That new non-lined notebook you got? It must be so satisfying to write on it, but you don't want to ruin the pages. You're constantly just torn between putting them into your bag or leaving them at home, knowing that you'll still come back to them anyway.

  1. At least one type of medium is smudged on your hands.

May it be ink, paint, dye, or any other medium, something is always smudged on your hands. And maybe your uniform or your bag. You scrub your fingers and your brushes clean but less than half an hour later, a new set of smudges are on your hands again, or sometimes, even glitter. You're sparkly with blue ink smudges now, and that's perfectly fine.

  1. Secretly, you hate group projects that involve arts.

The teacher will say what needs to be done for the project and suddenly heads turn to you. They might argue a bit about who gets to be group mates with you, and will say that any group that has you is lucky. You don't want to do everything, but sometimes it's very likely that you will. You know that they will make all the necessary talking parts and you just have to do your task but it's still not a comfortable position. Sometimes, even if the type of art needed isn't your thing, they will still rely on you and you might have to try new things to get it done. It can also become either a situation where no one listens to your suggestions or they leave you to do everything, even think of a concept.

  1. But you love individual projects.

You get all excited about those end-of-term projects that involve doing something that you have always enjoyed doing. This time, nobody is there to tell you what they want for the piece, and you are free to express yourself. Your hands translate all the pent-up feelings and thoughts you have had, and without even being aware of it, you have created more than what is needed. And then on the day of the submission, there is something about being given positive comments on a piece that you loved doing, and it is uplifting to feel that appreciation.

  1. You're sort of too broke to join the barkada gala sometimes.

Well, all of us are a little broke sometimes (if not most of the time). But as someone who appreciates art and the process of making it, often, you're a little more broke. You can't resist that supposedly tiny visit to the bookstore or crafts store, checking out the new materials in shiny plastic. You're tempted to buy another set, but you remember that you have to save up. But then again, it won't hurt really, and you can use it for a while.


Then there are art fairs. Lots of these quirky things that you know you can live without but they are so temptingly pretty that you just can't resist. Keychains, postcards, prints from your favorite local artists. It's all worth it in the end, as you stare happily at them and display the art in your room so that you feel even more inspired.

  1. You're tempted to hide whenever an event is coming up to avoid a ton of requests dumped on you.

Ah, events. They're fun most of the time, unless you know that you're going to stay up until past three in the morning to make all sorts of artsy things for the event. They could assign you to make the letters, handle the décor group, or make the invites. Often, you're okay with contributing to the entire process, but you get tired too. And depending on the person assigning you to them, you might not even get paid for all the effort put into your work.
However, it is rewarding to see your work up on the stage or in the hands of the students. You feel proud of yourself, even if doing them really messed with your sleep schedule. With art, you sometimes need to sacrifice a few things, but the results are worth it.

  1. You feel happy upon seeing someone else's art.

There is something about seeing other's art. This bubbly feeling that stays with you as you see the various types of art displayed around the school. It's rare, and whenever it happens, it feels like a special event that should be treasured for a while. You take a few photos because it is all so beautiful and inspiring and maybe later you'll look up the artists who made them. You can see the effort and love that they poured into their pieces, and somehow, you can relate to the way that their passion drives them to create. After seeing art like that, you feel that even if not everyone can appreciate what you do, you will continue this, you will continue creating, because this is your heart, and nobody can really take it away from you.

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