10 Things Only a Media Production Major Can Understand

From "What is Media Production?" to "Pa-edit naman!"
by Maia Guadalupe   |  May 11, 2017
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Just like any other college student, Media Production students have their own set of experiences that not a lot of people know. So here's a little glimpse of what goes on in the world of Media Production students.

  1. "What is Media Production?"

People would often ask you this question since Media Production (MP) is a relatively new term in the long list of college courses. Of course as an MP student, you go on to the long explanation of what it is and what you do, which sometimes leads to more confusion. In the end, you just tell them that it is similar to Multimedia Arts and Mass Communication.

  1. People think this is the easiest course.

As an MP student, people always assume that you have it easy. When in fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to be able to accomplish a project successfully. They only see the finished product, not what goes on during the countless brainstorming sessions, the continuous shoots, and the final editing. 

  1. You don't always have time.

Sometimes, your professors would generally assign the class to create documentaries, infomercials, short movies, music videos, and advocacy videos for midterms or finals. And most of the time, the deadlines would be really close to each other. So weeks before that you are busy brainstorming, shooting, and editing the videos. This would result in your non-MP friends to complain that you're not hanging out with them. As an MP student, you wish that they could understand that it's not because you don't want to hang out, it's just that you don't really have the time.

  1. You notice everything.

MP students are taught and trained to be observant and to look at each detail carefully. That's why there will be times when you can't help but comment on certain scenes or edits of a show or a movie. You would often be thinking of alternative shots, possible lighting techniques, or even different scenarios. You are constantly creating and you never stop.

  1. You are the master of all-nighters.

MP students can function with only little sleep. Their projects usually have them pulling all-nighters, and this is without their requirements for their other classes yet! 

  1. "Pa-edit naman!"

It is common for people to ask you for small favors. You would usually agree if it's for a friend, but overtime these favors become frequent. This eventually becomes one of your biggest pet peeve. You would gladly help, but you hope that people would understand that it's not easy and takes a lot of time and patience. Editing can't just be finished in a day, sometimes it takes weeks.

  1. We easily adapt to change.

Deadline moved a day early? Sure, no problem. Limited actors? We'll find a way. Being an MP student, one must be able to quickly adapt to sudden changes in the schedule because in the real world, things like these happen all the time. Sure, there will be times that you would complain but in the end, you will still do it.

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  1. Crunch time!

Due to the limited time, MP students will exhaust all effort to give their best, even if it's minutes away from a deadline. There was a time when a professor of ours, suddenly said that we should do a play. We had 3 days for conceptualizing, writing, and rehearsing it. All of us in the block worked together to accomplish it. In the end, we got a perfect score. I guess some of us really work best under pressure.

  1. The official photographer.

Whether it is in school or in the family, you are the designated photographer for everything. You would be the one always carrying a camera, sometimes even with extra lenses. You know what angle looks best, what lighting is needed, and what pose they should do. This also means that there won't be a lot of photos of you, and if there is it's usually blurred (Be honest, this happens a lot!). They would also expect you to immediately post the photos online, even if you want to edit it first.

  1. You know the trends, but you don't follow it.

As an MP student, you are exposed to various types of media, and you were taught by your professors to break out of the stigma. You want to create something new, not something patterned from somewhere. You know that media has the power to influence and distort the perception of society. You know that there are a lot of issues that need recognition and a course of action. You are original and can make a big change in the world.

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