10 Things Every Student From Veritas Catholic School Can Relate To

From Tuesday sickness to SDG debates!
by Klaire Pabalan   |  May 18, 2017
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Veritas Catholic School is a small school but its students are definitely creative especially with what they do in school. So what happens on a daily basis with these students? Here are 10 things that Veritans can relate to.

  1. "Excuse me? Nasaan ID mo?"

And that is what you hear right before you enter the gates of the school. If your haircut does not adhere to the standards of the institution, you'll be sent off with a warning. If you don't have your ID or you're late, then you can say hello to the prefect of students. So you find yourself saying, "Kuya Guard, ngayon lang please."

  1. "Assume the mudra position!"

Says our Christian Living teacher amongst the students that are seated on the gymnasium floor. Every Tuesday morning for our flag ceremony, we would pray before we salute the flag. So he will announce to everyone with his booming voice and a gong on his right to "assume the mudra position." Once you hear the three rings and he catches you not praying, you better expect a call out and pray he doesn't ask you to give him an essay about it.

  1. Tuesday sickness

Tuesday sickness applies to those who are a part of the ACP (Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines) or what everyone knows as ROTC. This means there are about a maximum of 3 or 5 students absent from a batch of 50+ Every. Single. Tuesday. No one condones this kind of behavior but it has become a game for us to see who's absent that day. 

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  1. School spirit

Veritas students show so much school spirit and support for their friends that they'll go out of their way to see their games. The school would sometimes allow certain classes to give their entire support for our varsities and let them watch the game until the end of it. You can at least hear one girl screaming her lungs out for her best friend or boyfriend. It's such an experience feeling that kind of unity. It's basically a family supporting its members. Definitely one of the traits Veritans will always have.

  1. Sneaking food into class

Every student has done this before, but what's harder in Veritas is that you have to avoid the CCTV cameras and the hall monitors. It's like playing James Bond as you try to sneak into the classroom. Not to mention the other students smelling your food and asking to have some. It's definitely a fight for survival. As long as you don't make a mess and the classroom is clean, you're good to go.

  1. "Bes, penge paper."

Shout out to all the kids who actually buy pad paper for the whole class! You guys are truly the MVP of the class—we owe you one. Every time there's a seatwork or a pop quiz, you can for sure expect someone asking for a ballpen or a piece of paper. 

  1. "Bro! May homework ba?"

This seriously happens every time—someone is doing homework before school starts. Time management is not the strongest suit of all teenagers. Cramming is not advisable, but it's your choice. The race against the teacher coming in is way too real.

  1. Sleeping everywhere and anywhere!

They can literally sleep anywhere and everywhere. They can sleep on chairs, tables, desks, on the staircase, on the floor, and benches. Sleep is essential especially when you pull all nighters for projects and essays. One time one kid literally fell asleep while standing! How is that even possible?

  1. Thesis, investigatory project, and SDG debates

Basically these are the three most important things any Veritan must never mess up and slack off on. Your entire grade for the quarter depends on it. You want a good grade? Make sure your defense is solid and your facts are true. Wikipedia is not a reliable source and every student knows that there's no way you can get out of this. Here's an advice coming from a 10th Grader: sources are everything and paraphrasing is good. Never copy-paste unless you want your work to get a 0!

  1. Second chances

The best thing about Veritas is how kind the teachers are. Second chances are rare but if they know you're really trying your best to pass, they'll give you a second chance! This is why kids these days shouldn't slack off and give credit to their teachers. They try so hard and all they really want is for their students to pass. So better pass those assignments and projects on time and be kind. Kindness goes a long way and for sure these teachers do their best to give that. For sure I won't ever forget those who never gave up on me.


Veritas Catholic School is like any other school in the Philippines, but what makes our small school special is the fact that these teachers never give up on us and the students will always continue to create something beautiful. This small school has taught me so many things and even if we're cheeky sometimes, the teachers make sure to remind us of our values and I think every Veritan can relate to this. 

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