10 Things Every College Freshman Can Relate To

Do you feel me, freshies?
by Caitlin Anne Young   |  Aug 26, 2017
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Here in the Philippines, the month of August doesn't just bring about heavy rains and celebrity concerts—it also marks the start of college for most of us. If you've been a uni student for a while already, then congrats—feel free to be blasé about this entire situation. But if you're like me, a freshie—this will be a very anxious, yet very happy and exciting time for us all—and in more ways than one.

  1. Getting lost on campus.

If you've gone to the same high school for four years, or worse, the same academy for thirteen plus years of your life—then having difficulty adjusting to a brand new campus is an understatement. University is huge! There's just no way to navigate the various halls and roads without getting lost. So you screenshot an online map and spend copious amounts of time zooming into your phone. Luckily, you can always ask Kuya guard for directions!

  1. Trying out new street food!

You'll probs miss the canteen and vendors in your high school. But trying new food stalls is so exciting to the point that it's practically artisanal. UP's strawberry taho, anyone?

  1. Missing your HS friends.

Your high school friends are forever, no doubt about that. It's nerve-wracking to think that you and your bestie don't have the same course, or worse, that your entire barkada has spread itself thin across different universities. But take a deep breath. You can still hang together outside school! In the meantime, make new friends!


  1. Hanging out with your blockmates!

Yes, your blockmates can be your lifelong friends, too! Though you were probably scared to meet them at first, remember: You guys are all on the same page. You're all nervous freshies trying to get through college together. So bond with your blockmates—promise, you guys will become besties in no time!

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  1. Enlisting for the very. First. Time.

Ah, enlistment. You've heard horror stories from UP upperclassmen on lining up at 1 AM for units, or how your Ateneo upperclassmen (Batch 2, huhu) would try signing up for a class with zero slots. Although colleges give ample leeway to freshies, that doesn't guarantee a completely stress-free experience.

  1. Goodbye uniform, hello fashion!

You probably hated your HS uniform. College is a different story altogether—unless you go to UST, which requires a uniform, you now have the freedom to wear whatever you want, provided that you follow the dress code (La Salle is especially strict!). This newfound fashion freedom comes at a price, however—how do you plan a new outfit every single day? You'll end up missing your uniform in no time!

  1. FREE CUT!!!!!!!

Granted, you want to make your parents proud by making the most out of your tuition. But we're all guilty of looking forward to free cuts—a concept which was completely foreign to you in HS, but is now a matter of life and death (LOLOLJK) in college.

  1. Receiving tons of school work.

College seems chill at first, compared to HS. Except it isn't, and in no time, all your subjects will drop their respective bombs on you at the same time. Yikes. Never fear—with time management, anything is possible. You can also make sure to take note of your prof's schedule for consultation—chances are, they'll be willing to help you out! ♥

  1. Dealing with your typical college stereotypes.

Everyone has their own preconceived notions on each university. You can't blame them—but it's really annoying. "Oh, so you're going to THE Ateneo de Manila University" or "Don't you mean Areneyow!!!" are just some things ADMU students get on a daily basis. UP students get the barrage of "Tara, rally mamaya" statements. And not all La Sallians party on Thursdays, guys.

  1. Feeling so grateful to receive an amazing education.

College is stressful, true, but it's also a learning experience. The next four or five years will give you a chance to grow as a person. Here, you'll learn a lot—not just about academics, but also about life. Whether Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, Veritas in Caritate, Sapienta Regnat, Honor and Excellence, or Religio, Mores, Cultura. Not everyone gets this kind of opportunity, so do your best and make the most of your college life!

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