10 Things All Girls Who Wear Contacts Can Relate To

No, I'm not crying, and no, I'm not sleepy, either. #TheStruggle
by Caitlin Anne Young   |  May 22, 2017
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  1. Putting them in for the first time.

The first time you tried on your contacts was definitely one palm-sweating, tear-jerking event. Whether you were guided by your eye doctor or watched tons of how-to videos yourself, the entire experience was traumatic. Who knew a circle of plastic on your finger could cause so much stress? You were so proud of yourself when you finally did it, though...until you remembered you didn't know how to take them off yet. Oops.

  1. Having your day ruined by just one speck of dirt.

On good days you could pop your contacts in and be out of the door in a jiffy. Yet every once in a while, a speck of dust gets in, leaving you blinking your red eyes in vain, just to get whatever microscopic thing you have out. The. Frustration.

  1. Saying goodbye to long nails.

Unless you want to accidentally scratch your eyeballs out, you need to bid adieu to all the pretty manicures you see online. No one wants a torn contact...or cornea, for that matter.

  1. Constantly being asked if you're crying and/or sleepy.

Yes, I am perfectly fine—please stop asking me if I'm alright! My contacts are just a little bit dislodged; can't you see they're killing me? So please stop asking! Please!

  1. Putting in your contacts inside out and feeling like your eye is on fire.

Enough said. Thanks to moments like these, however, now you know how to tell if your contact is inside out just by the mere shape of its curvature.

  1. Getting your eyeliner/mascara on them.

Makeup often gets in the way of contacts. One minute, you're dabbing on shimmery eyeshadow, and the next you're prodding your eyeball with a brush. Blink it off, blink it off! But that's nothing compared to feathery mascara or liquid eyeliner—one false move, and your entire face is ruined. Steady hands are the only way to prevent a disaster.

  1. Trying to make your contacts last as looooong as you can.

Yes, Doc, I'll switch my contacts every month. Only...you actually try to make your pair of contacts last as long as you can. Hey, contacts cost money, plus as long as you clean them properly every day (and waste copious amounts of saline solution in the process), you just might make it work. It also saves you the added stress of "breaking into" a new pair.

  1. Putting on your glasses while you've got your contacts on.

At times when you're especially frazzled or absentminded, this can occur. What follows is a blinding dizziness as the entire world seems to swim into a blur before your eyes. Ack.

  1. Accidentally falling asleep with them…and dealing with the consequences.

Let's face it: We've all had extreme cases of napping while wearing our contacts. And while it isn't permitted, we've all escaped unscathed. However, there have been times when we've gone full-on sleeping beauty. Naturally, after a thousand years—or maybe just a couple of hours—we literally need to peel our contacts out, lest they be plastered onto our eyeballs for eternity.

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  1. Getting our contacts lost in more ways than one, but still rocking our look.

People don't understand how we can dip our fingers into a container of saline solution and pop in a plastic disk onto our eyes every single day. And while we've all experienced having one contact suddenly go AWOL (seriously, there is nothing sadder than an incomplete pair), getting our L/R mixed up, and undergoing the nightmare that is getting a contact lost INSIDE OUR EYELIDS, we're still the first to experiment quite easily with colored contacts every prom/debut season, plus we have the added perk of not getting our glasses broken every PE. So shoutout to these plastic pieces for always having our back...er, eyes. Thanks for helping us see, I guess.

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