10 Things About The Guy Who Plays Finn in Glee

  |  Jul 5, 2010
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  1. On what he thinks of Finn. “I think there’s a kind of a natural naivety, a naïve sort of sense about Finn. That’s the best sort of explanation of his character I can come up with, as far as emotions are concerned.”
  2. Cory Monteith was no Finn. “I wasn’t really like Finn in high school.  I didn’t play a lot of sports.  I didn’t join the glee club.  I kind of did my own thing, marched to the beat of my own drummer if you will. It’s very interesting having such a different high school experience the second time around. It’s been a lot of learning for me.”
  3. He wasn’t cliquish. “I tended to play the sidelines if you will, and hang out with lots of different types of people rather than being the popular jock.”
  4. He’s a rocker. “I like all kinds of music, but I love probably rock music. I like old rock music from the ‘80s. I’d love to sing a Bon Jovi song on Glee, that’d be super fun. Who knows, I like all types of old rock music.”
  5. What he does when he’s free. “Me personally, I like snowboarding a lot. I try and get to the beach. I’m trying to learn how to surf.”
  6. The fun doesn’t end with an episode of Glee. “I don’t think we could all do this job and create what you guys see on the screen if it wasn’t organic in some way. I really feel like that was part of casting the right people for the job in the first place and I think they did a brilliant job. Because we’re all so legitimately excited and happy to be there that it is exactly what you see on screen. It keeps happening after the cameras stop rolling. So we’re all very lucky that way.”
  7. What makes Glee real. “I think that it’s an exciting adventure for everyone involved being so young. But at the same time I think everyone in these roles, is like you said recently from high school or of less professional experience in television land. I think it’s very cool. It keeps it very real to the high school experience. You’ve got Chris Colfer, and he just got out of high school. It keeps everything very real and there’s a very realistic tone to the show because of all that.”
  8. On being the oldest of New Directions. “I think we all definitely relate to each other because we’re all in the same boat, and I think that’s highly relatable. It’s interesting because it’s such a learning experience for all of us. Me being the oldest, of the glee club anyway, I bring kind of a different point of view. And interacting with kids like Chris Colfer who are 19, it’s been a really positive experience. I don’t think anybody’s had trouble relating to anybody. I think it’s been overwhelmingly positive.”
  9. His favorite performance on Glee. “I think the performance “Somebody to Love,” that particular episode and that particular song, I think it was like a coming of age of sorts for all of us. That was one of our first performances of that show.  We performed that at the upfront presentation in New York City. Just the journey that that song represents, not just for me, I know I can speak for every one of us. It’s such a powerful kind of story, that song I think. And it tells a big story. It’s something that every single person who hears it can relate to. So that’s what I would have to say, “Somebody to Love.”
  10. His advice to students who might not be fitting in at their own school right now. “I think that following your own common sense and your instinct is more important than anything else anybody could ever tell you to do. I think that a lot of kids, kids who have pressures—peer pressure or not feeling like they have the answers— but I think that even at such a young age all of the answers lie within. I think that being true to yourself is the most important thing I could say to those kids.”

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