10 Struggles Only Girls Who Are Grade-Conscious Will Understand

If this is called group work, why are you the only one working on it?
by Jean Natividad   |  Jun 22, 2015
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It's back to school for most of us, and while grade-conscious students are pretty much psyched about it, they're also dreading their usual struggles. It's never easy to be grade-conscious no matter how some overachieving students make it look.

We know the struggle is real. If you just can't help but obsess about your report card, hang in there. You know that burning the midnight oil will pay off.

 1  Coming up with the perfect review schedule for your major exams. 

Exam week can drive any decent student nuts, more so you. There are just so many things to study! You need to sit down, possibly for an entire night, to make sure you have the best review schedule possible.

 2  Waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning to review for the day's test. 

Hey, they say the mind works best during these hours, so better do some final review before heading to school—that is even if you're feeling like a total zombie.


 3  The pain in your hand after making review notes the old-school way and highlighting almost the entire pages in your textbooks. 

You just can't help it! Every single detail, even though seemingly small, looks majorly important for you.

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 4  Spending a lot of money on coffee while you review at the nearby cafe. 

You need to stay up and you definitely can't concentrate at home (read: too many distractions!), so you end up paying for overpriced coffee just to get some studying done.

 5  The worry that kills you while waiting for the release of your grades or report card. 

Did you pass the exam? Did you increase or at least maintain your grades? Will you still have a bright future ahead of you? It's so difficult not to overthink!

 6  Wanting to pull your hair out because of one (one!) mistake in the test. 

You swear you knew the answer! How could you possibly forget? You'll move on for sure, but you need to rant and maybe wallow for a bit.


 7  Feeling you're the only one who cares about doing well in a class, exam, paper, or report.

Seriously, why is everyone else so chill about this? There are so many things to do for school, like study, join extra-curricular activities, ace exams, and more!

 8  Doing most, if not all, of the work in a supposed group effort. 

It sucks to not be on the same page as your group mates. And since you're the one who's set on getting the highest mark, you put in the most effort. Sometimes, you just got to do it yourself.

 9  Missing out on cool hangouts with your girlfriends because you seriously need to study.

You need school and social life balance, yes, but you also know your priorities. It's surely a drag to miss a night out with your gal pals, but you know you're just being a responsible student.

 10  The constant pressure to do well in school because everybody else expects you to. 


Nothing can be more difficult than this. A lot is expected from you by your parents, your teachers, and your friends even, and the pressure just adds to all your other stressors. 

Are you obsessed with grades, too? What other problems do you deal with? Leave a comment below or tweet us @candymagdotcom!

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