10 Steps You Can Take to Help Save the Environment

by Aprille Roselle Vince R. Juanillo   |  Sep 13, 2017
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The Earth's present deteriorating state poses harm to all forms of life and this is an undeniable truth. Hurricanes, typhoon surges, earthquakes, sea level rise, increase in temperature, climate change—these are real! These are happening. With the threats that global warming brings, there is an urgent need to act on it. And when it comes to saving our only home, the green orb, there is no such thing as too little or too much effort.  Everyone is vital in the aim of letting Mother Earth recuperate. As much as there is no too little nor too much effort, there is also no too late. You can start saving our home with your small little steps today. Here are the little things (with huge impact) you can do to help save Mother Earth:

  1. Bring your own tumbler.

The next time you go out, instead of buying bottled mineral water, use your own tumbler to store your water. This way, you are avoiding disposal of the single use plastic bottle thereby not contributing to the 100 million water bottles that are being disposed of every day; especially since only 1 out of 5 mineral bottles are being recycled and an estimate of 1,500 bottles end up in our landfill or waters, according to TheWorldCounts.com. Stay hydrated responsibly, Candy Girls!

  1. No to straw/stirrers.

We use over 500 million plastic straws a day, according to Onegreenplanet.org! This is an alarming number because most of these waste end up in our waters and approximately 100,000 sea creatures die from plastic pollution. Straws specifically get stuck in the noses of sea turtles or get trapped in their stomachs which prevent them from swallowing food and cause their untimely death. Instead of using plastic straws, you can opt for a metal or bamboo one which is more sustainable. Take guilt-free sips, everyone!

  1. Hand-carry things.

When buying goods, refuse to place it in a plastic bag especially if you are buying just one or two items. For as long as you can carry it with your hands without the use of a plastic bag, or you can store it in your bag, do it. Refuse the plastic bag. Lessen your plastic consumption.

  1. Pick up stray litter.

The next time you find garbage such as crumpled paper, plastic sachet or bottled water lying dirtily on the ground, pick it up. Take responsibility and don't wait for others to do it. Once you pick up the trash, dispose it to the proper receptacle and feel better instantly.

  1. Walk.

Help reduce carbon emission by walking. When the destination you're headed to is a walking distance, don't use your vehicle and just walk. This goes both ways because while you're saving Mother Earth, you're also improving your health. #Cardio

  1. Every beach day is clean-up day.

Transform your regular beach day into a purposeful happening! While you are basking in the heat of the sun and enjoying the pristine waters, collect the debris and trash you can find on the shore and dispose of them properly. Swim and save!

  1. Participate in coastal clean ups.

Be proactive and join organized coastal clean-ups. Take the time out of your 24 hours to give back to Mother Nature. Besides, you will also get to meet people who are interested in taking care of the environment and possibly make new friends!

  1. Research.
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In order to fight for something, you must know first what's happening. Research about the current situation of the environment and be educated. The learning you will obtain from researching will drive you to do more for the Earth. Researching will be your slap of reality. This slap will compel you to move.

  1. Increase the environmental conversation.

Share the information that you have. Talk to your family about saving the Earth, convince your friends not to use straw anymore for the welfare of the sea creatures, organize more environmentally inclined activities in the student government—help others learn. Get your company to talk about the Earth and its reality to raise awareness and spark the fire to save the Earth among others.

  1. Join environmental groups.

Sustain the drive you have by meeting people who share the same passion and drive in saving the Earth. Environmental organizations are vital because they are established groups that actually have concrete plans on how to reach the extra mile in saving the Earth. They have different cores (it may be the land, water, or air) but the same aim. Try and search up Save Philippine Seas, Greenpeace Philippines, Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society, Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Haribon Foundation, Waves for Water, Earth Island Institute, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines, Philippine Reef and Rainforest Foundation, Inc. and Straw Wars PH. Find the one that hits close to what you love the most about Earth and change your life while saving the Earth!


 How do you plan to save Mother Earth, Candy Girls?

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