10 Steps To A Better Relationship With Your Loved Ones

Candy fills you in on 10 ways to have a healthy and happy relationship with your parents, siblings, friends, and guy.
by Roxci de Leon   |  Apr 6, 2011
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Buffet dinner for two at a posh restaurant, please.

That’s exactly what Eli Cabanilla along with his wife, Mary Grace, received after winning Zed CONNECT’s “Spread the Love” contest. The couple delighted themselves in a dinner for two in EDSA Shangri-la’s HEAT. Joining the promo just last February, the fortunate pair was already able to win the all-expense paid dinner in just a span of days after.

“Zed’s CONNECT [provides] great inspiration especially when you want to send messages to people. It serves as a friendly reminder or advice that you can forward to your friends,” says Mary Grace. An example of one such memo would be the couple’s favorite which is, “Jesus said, ‘There is no greater love than to lay one’s life for another.” Zed’s CONNECT is a subscription service which provides relationship tips and inspiring messages to its subscribers to help them with their day-to-day relationships. The content of this service is not only for lovers because it deals with all aspects of love.


To subscribe to Connect, send CONNECT to 2889 (Globe) or 288 (Smart & Sun). P2.50/day (Globe & Smart) and P2.00/day (Sun).

In line with this, here are a few tips and tricks for Candy teens when it comes to having healthy and happy relationships with their loved ones.

  1. Be open with one another. There is no room to be uncomfortable with the people you love surrounding yourself with. You should be able to talk to them freely with full knowledge that they wouldn’t bear any judgment on you.
  2. When you’re hurt by something that they have said or done, let them know about it. It’s not right to keep your feelings to yourself. Since they are not aware of how something they did made you feel, the same thing can happen again. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?
  3. Don’t have a heart of stone. Learn to forgive. It brings happiness.
  4. Put God in the center of the relationship. With Him in mind, you’d think twice about just focusing on the shortcomings of your loved ones.
  5. Never ever skimp on trust. Without it, there is NO relationship.
  6. Spend time with them. With all the schoolwork and extracurricular activities jotted down on your planner, it’s easy to postpone dates and bonding sessions. Now although the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” too much of it can put a strain on the relationship.
  7. Little things matter. A small Post-It that says, “I miss you,” or a slice of their favorite cake when they least expect it will always produce smiles.
  8. Don’t go overboard with clinginess. It’s nice to feel wanted every now and then. But to have someone want to be with you every waking minute is just downright annoying. Be a dear, and give them enough space too.
  9. Remember dates. Birthdays are a must. Enough said.
  10. Accept them for who they are—flaws and all.  They’re called loved ones for a reason. They know they aren’t perfect but believe that they aspire to be, just for you.
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