10 Signs You're In a Relationship with Food

Pizza is your always.
by Katherine Tsang   |  Jan 6, 2017
Image: pexels.com Art: Naomi Torrecampo
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There are lots of people who are in serious and committed relationships while there are others who are in complicated ones—and then, there's us. No boyfriend? No problem. Food has, and will always have, our backs and we have listed 10 things to prove it.  

  1. It's always on your mind.

It's the first thing that pops into your mind when you wake up, and the last thing that you think of before you sleep. As if those aren't enough, you also dream about it in your sleep.

  1. The best part of your day are the moments you spend time with it.

There has never been a more exciting and satisfying time.

  1. It brings out the best in you.

Food is the only reason you force yourself to socialize and go to parties. Because who doesn't love fancy party food? 

  1. It has been with you during the toughest times.

AKA the moments you can't decide what to pick on the menu. Trying out new restaurants is exciting but also challenging because you just want to try everything.

  1. Just like love, it doesn't judge.

The word "diet" doesn't even exist in your vocabulary.

  1. It has seen all your sides—even the bad ones. 

Let's face it, hangry happens. And we all know you're not the same person when it does.

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  1. You're Instagram official! 

In fact, your feed is peppered with pictures of food. Because who can resist the beauty of a flatlay meal? 

  1. You have it on speed dial. 

And you've also memorized all your go-to fast food delivery numbers by heart.  

  1. You can't bear the thought of abandoning it. 

It breaks your heart to see food going to waste, that sometimes, you don't mind finishing up for your friends or family.

  1. You would travel the world and back for it. 

Your main agenda when traveling is to eat. New sights and shopping can wait when you go travelling—your main (if not only) purpose is the food.


Did we miss anything? Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below!

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