10 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentine's Day Is Totally Okay

by Jean Natividad   |  Feb 9, 2015
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Sure, being in a relationship is great. It can be the most beautiful thing to be with someone you're into and who's totally into you, too. Plus, on special occasions like, say, Valentine's Day, it pays to have a dashing boyfriend who'll hand you flowers and whisk you away on a lovely dinner date.

But don't let the mush of the occasion get the best of you. Just because it's a day for lovers and you're flying solo, doesn't mean you can't have any fun and be fabulous. You just have to remind yourself of the reasons you'd rather stay single. We list just 10 of them below!

 1  You can do whatever you want during your free time.

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Are you thinking of sleeping in or maybe pigging out on your free day? We say go crazy! You have more control over your schedule as a single lady.


 2  You can hang out more with your awesome friends.

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Your friends will always be with you, boyfriend or no boyfriend. Plus, you have formed such deep connections that you always have a great time together whatever you decide to do.

 3  You don't always have to share your food.

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That serving is all yours! Seriously, aren't you happy you're single?

 4  There's no pressure to always please your significant other.

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You have one less person to worry about when you're single. You don't have to constantly wonder if you've picked the right gift or planned the best date.

 5  You can focus on your passions and dreams.

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It's better to work on your passions first before you get into a relationship and try your hand at your significant other's interests. You'll feel more accomplished doing what you love while you're still young.

 6  You have more time to figure out what you really want in a boyfriend.

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You can take your time and get to know yourself more, so you can really understand what you want in a partner. Chances are you'll have healthier relationships in the future.

 7  You can dress down more often.

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Too lazy to dress up? No problem! No need to spend two hours getting ready for a date.

 8  No boyfriend, no LQ.

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And no LQ means no stress! Less drama is always how it should be.

 9  You can save more money.

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Let's face it, being in a relationship is costly. As a single lady, you'll have more funds for, well, yourself!

 10  You can have fun dating.

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Being single doesn't mean you're sad, alone, and miserable. You can still enjoy going on friendly dates with zero pressure.

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