10 Really Fun Ways to Spend Halloween with Your Barkada

When you're tired of trick-or-treating routine, here are things you could do to spice up the Halloween with your besties!
by Aaliyah Ybanez   |  Oct 29, 2015
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Halloween is definitely one of the most awaited events of the year where you get to dress up with your gals and go trick or treating. As a kid, we plan our costumes ahead of time because the scarier your costume, the better the treats you get. It's not-so different when you grow up. You still go out with your pals, dress up in a nifty costume, and get some candy action going. But there are times when trick or treating isn't as fun as it used to be, and so to spice things up, we listed down some unconventional but rad things to do this Halloween! You can mix and match some of these ideas to make your #Halloween2015 the most memorable one yet.

 1  Bake goodies.

Getting sweet treats isn't as fun as making them! Instead of going around different houses to get your own sweets, you and your barkada could try making these delectable recipes at home. The more you are, the more fun it is to bake. You can make cookies in the shape of a spider or a ghost and give them to the kids trick-or-treating that night. What's more fun about this is that you get to turn up the music, get as messy as you can, while baking, plus you get to have fun creating more memories with some of the people you love the most.

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 2  Marathon your favorite horror movies. 

Nothing gets you in the Halloween spirit quite like watching all your favorite horror movies in one night. It'll certainly give you the proper mood to welcome all the spooky activities this Halloween. Of course, being with your barkada makes watching all of it bearable–you're sure that you won't be the only one screaming tonight.

 3  Solve a mystery.

With numerous mystery-themed places along Katipunan and Libis, you won't have to look far for a fun game challenge with your friends. Think of these things as an upgraded hide-and-seek wherein this time you're not looking for your friends, but you're looking for the answer to the challenge. Most games last for an hour or a bit more so it won't take much time, plus they have package deals so you won't have to spend so much. Welcome the season of peek-a-boo with a good Halloween-themed escape room.


 4  Make a Halloween-themed music video.

It's the perfect combination of you and your friends in Halloween costumes and your group's theme song playing on the speakers. So why not make a fun music video together? It doesn't have to be picture perfect just like the ones of your favorite artists, it could just be you and your group showing off your craziest dance moves or pranking your other friends while playing some background music. To give it a more Halloween theme, pick a song that reminds you of the dark or the season!

 5  Share stories around a campfire.

Like what Spongebob once sang, "Let's gather 'round the campfire and sing our campfire song," Halloween isn't complete without you and your friends meeting around a campfire, with marshmallows on sticks, and each sharing a horror story they heard about somewhere. With the moon shining bright, food in your tummy, a blanket around your shoulders, and friends for company, nothing can go wrong! Well, except maybe for a really creepy story or two tthat'll shake you up just a little bit for the evening.


 6  Visit local museums.

If you and your barkada are not into dressing up, there's always something for you guys to do. Some museums have free admission all throughout this month of October so it's a definite must-try to see all the paintings and artifacts of the past. Instead of imagining what could have happened then, you can see for yourself the real events that did occur. Some art could inspire you for your next DIY activity with your friends as well.

 7  Be adventurous.

Halloween is right in the middle of semester break for most schools, so it's a week long break for you to enjoy. Instead of staying in the city all week long, try venturing out into the different unfamiliar places in the Philippines. You don't even have to look too far to climb up a nice mountain and share the breathtaking view with your friends. If hiking or trekking isn't your thing, there are campsites starting to emerge in different places surrounding the metro. Spending the night out with your friends under one tent is the perfect way to bond with one another. Of course, you can never go wrong with a simple road trip around the region with your best pals.


 8  DIY.

Since you've got a lot of time on your hands, experiment with some arts and crafts. With lots of new artsy Instagram accounts and blogs, inspiration definitely won't be limited. You can try painting or try your hand in photography and take pictures of the little kids running around in their cute costumes asking for treats. You can make Halloween cards to give out to the trick-or-treaters or help decorate houses for a Halloween event. Crafting and designing with your barkada will add to the excitement as you get to try out things that you usually don't do.

 9  Build your own horror maze.

If you're looking for something to do with more people, you can try making your own Halloween maze. This time, you guys will be in charge of all the petrifying activities in the maze and scaring everyone who dare enter it. The fun part about this is that you guys are in charge now, so you could do whatever you want with it.


 10  Have a Halloween party.

Sometimes the best way to welcome the spooky season is to go with something more traditional–go to a friend's house with your barkada, dress up in horror costumes, and dance to your favorite songs. You can hold a best costume contest or one involving eating as much candy in under a minute. It's a night to have fun and to welcome one of the coolest events of the year with your best friends..

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