10 Food Joints Sillimanians Love to Visit

by Aprille Roselle Vince R. Juanillo   |  May 27, 2017
Image: Silliman University | instagram.com/silliman_u
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While college can be demanding, frustrating and time-consuming all at once, it is essential that the stress triggered by it be relieved. What better way to de-stress than indulge in food and treats? Here are some of the food joints that make Sillimanians happy students with a happy tummy.

  1. Bossing's Tempura

Known for its Level 5 tempura sauce, this food stall has been in the campus for 17 years now. Sillimanians are so fond of it, some would even take on the "Level 5 tempura challenge" as a form of initiation.

  1. Nursing Canteen

This food place run by the College of Nursing alumni is known for its serving of champorado and puspas in the morning and binignit or dinuldog in the afternoon. It also sells healthy food such as fruits and milk. Their oreo bread is also one of their best-sellers. This food place is ideal for those who are keeping a healthy diet.

  1. Kiosks

DSM 3 or the corned beef egg omelet is one of the best sellers in the kiosks inside the campus. They serve affordable and easily accessible meals and snacks to grab for the rest of the day. Both kiosks ran by students and concessionaires are convenient for the busy schedule!

  1. SU Cafeteria

The second oldest food store in the city is home of the timeless favorite of Sillimanians then and now—the cheese bread. Apart from this, it also offers meals and snacks that are student budget friendly. The nearest home cooked food taste you'll have when missing the ones from home.

  1. ND Canteen

Much just like the Nursing canteen, the nutrition and dietetics food unit is also home of healthy snacks and meals! Prepared by ND students themselves, some of their all-time loved offerings are their brownies, palitaw and calamansi juice.

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  1. The Bean Connection

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Being located in one of the commercial buildings in the campus, this place is ideal for meetings and study-out sessions. Definitely one of the frequently visited places by students and professionals alike.

  1. Downtown area

Flocked by fast-food chains adjacent to each other, the downtown area is crowded by students who are in a rush to eat. Some students would also prefer to study in some fast food establishment in this area.

  1. Sansrival

Home of the best-selling Sansrival cake and Silvanas, this local food shop is best when you want to spoil your sweet tooth!

  1. Tempurahan sa boulevard


The long stretch of the Rizal boulevard is perfect for an early morning jog, a mid-day stroll and an evening street food trip. A line of tempura, squid rolls and balut vendors occupy the space as soon as the sun starts to set. An ideal place to chill after a tiring day.

  1. Cheese sticks sa Silliman Beach

Stalls of cheese stick vendors are found on the Silliminan beach side. This is the best place to have an afternoon snack with the view of the sea and the embrace of the sea breeze.

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