10 Easy Go-To Workouts for the Holiday Season

by Jelena Tiu   |  Dec 14, 2015
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Who can resist holiday feasts? The tempting full course meals, overflowing desserts, and pumpkin spice lattes from one celebration to another is simply irresistible. While you're busy satisfying your year-long cravings of long-awaited Christmas meals, you shouldn't get too carried away with rewarding yourself for a year's worth of hard work. Then again, what fun would it be to constantly be afraid of gaining holiday weight? Not to worry, Candy Girl! These ten easy-to-do workouts are perfect for staying fit during the holiday season, whether you do it during the morning, evening, or when you're travelling elsewhere!

But please do remember to consult first with your physician to see if you are in the right physical condition to be doing these workouts. Also, always remember to pace yourself.  Don't stress your body and push yourself to finish multiple workouts all at once. Have short breaks in between workouts and focus on different parts of the body at a time so that your workout is holistic and can help your endurance for when you decide to maintain your weight.

 1  Jumping Jacks/Jump Rope

 2  Squat Jumps

 3  Side-to-Side Hops

 4  Burpees

 5  Bulgarian Split Squat

 6  Incline T-Pushup

 7  Three-Way Lunge

 8  Triceps Dip

 9  Standing Row

 10  Hip Crossover

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