#SquadGoals: How to Conquer Your Fears Together

It's not so scary when you've got company.
#SquadGoals: How to Conquer Your Fears Together

Just like your squad, fear is a totally normal part of life. But that doesn't mean you can't do anything about those jitters and phobias. They don't have to rule your life.

Know that you don't have to face your fears alone. Here's how your friends can help you out: 


 1  Together, you get down to the roots.

There are times when you feel lost and you find yourself asking a bunch of questions, because you just can't figure out why you're so scared. To overcome fear, the first thing you need to do is to know the real reason behind this feeling. No worries, an awesome crew will help you look for answers—even if that means spending time in a boring library or trailing a park at midnight.


 2  Sometimes, you just need to laugh it off.

There are moments when fear makes you too paranoid and close to being silly. And when you finally realize this, learn to brush it off and laugh at yourself—and make sure your real friends are there to laugh at you and with you. Laugh it off and shake it off!


 3  Be honest. Be real.

A real squad knows how to tell it like it is. They know that you can't let fear bring you down, so they tell you when you need to toughen up and face your fears. After all, why get scared when you've got an army who's got your back?


 4  You also get scared together.

Hey, you're humans. You're meant to feel things—including fear. Sometimes it's also comforting when you have people around you sharing the same sentiments. You share your own stories and you learn from each other's experiences, so you can be braver versions of yourselves. Because you guys are just better and braver together.


 5  You stick together like gummy bears.

At the end of the day, you just need friends who will not leave you behind no matter what. These are the people who can give you the confidence to conquer anything and everything. They hold you tighter when you feel like fear is making you slip away, because your friendship is like the gooiest melted cheese in a sandwich—it's the most wonderful thing on earth.

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