Which Pair Of Denim Pants Are You?

Find out the perfect pair of denim pants you should be rocking to suit your personality!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jul 5, 2013
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You're getting ready in the morning, how much time do you spend doing your makeup?
I don't put makeup in the morning.
20 minutes.
30 minutes.
10 minutes.
5 minutes.
Sleepover time! You and your bestie spend the night:
doing a rom-com movie marathon.
painting each others nails and reading magazines.
telling each other ghost stories.
gossiping about the cutest boys in school.
sound tripping and swapping music.
It's finally a long weekend! You plan to:
cozy up in your room and read all your new books.
go on a shopping spree with all your besties!
get all your homework and projects done.
finally try taking some yoga classes.
get back to painting in your balcony.
If you were to describe yourself in one word, it would be:
You're about to go on a first date. You plan to wear:
an over-sized shirt and denim shorts.
a cropped top and pencil skirt.
a pastel a-line dress.
a red jumpsuit.
a paisley print maxi dress.
Accessory you won't leave home without:
your vintage watch.
gold knuckle rings.
pearl earrings
long stacked necklaces.
spiked ear cuff.
You're finally at the beach, your first Instagram would be a photo of:
your feet dangling from the hammock.
your #OOTD featuring your new high-waist bikini.
the shore at sunset.
a group jump shot.
the clouds with a rainbow filter.

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