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by Bianca Custodio   |  Aug 26, 2021
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For the past few weeks, we’ve all been wrapped up and absorbed in the rollercoaster of a journey that was Yu Na Bi and Park Jae Eon’s relationship. Whether or not you’ve hopped onto the Nevertheless train yourself—stressing and being gigil along with the rest of us—you’ve probably stumbled across quite a few ravings and rants about it on the Internet. (Anyone else notice a rise in the red flags and toxic relationship discourse on the TL lately?) 

As one of the most talked about K-dramas this year, we’re sure everyone can agree that there are countless things about JTBC’s Nevertheless that got all of us hooked. From the addicting push-and-pull dynamic between the leads to the chill-slash-hectic college vibe we’re all badly missing rn, and, of course, everything about #SolJiwan (we’re all still kilig, why lie?), it really wasn’t very hard to look forward to the next episode every week.


There’s one aspect about Nevertheless, however, that we think deserves more hype. Not only does the show feature incredibly realistic and relatable characters, but they also undoubtedly have one of the best styling we’ve ever seen! (Seriously, who else is pinning their outfits on Pinterest?) Each and every character had little fashion quirks and aesthetics of their own, and they were so deliberately detailed that we couldn’t help but take notes. 

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Want to know how to dress like your fave Nevertheless character but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are online shops you’d love based on your Nevertheless cast bias:

1. Yu Na Bi

We can’t count the amount of times we wanted to hug and scream at Na Bi at the exact same time. Miss girl went through a lot a lot, but one thing that maintained its cool and composure throughout the whole show was none other than her outfit choices. Let’s be real, we all want whatever she wears! Dressed most often in beiges and browns plus the occasional greens or olives, Na Bi always looked both comfortable and relatable yet effortlessly elegant at the same time.


If you want to achieve that effortless clean and beautiful Yu Na Bi aesthetic, you should totally check out The Underground Designer on IG! Their mint green blazer set in particular as well as some of their neutral dresses totally emulate Na Bi’s cool feminine look.

For her more laid-back chic ‘fits, a knee-length denim skirt and a mint-colored hoodie or cardigan from H&M would also do just the trick!


2. Seo Ji Wan

Seo Ji Wan is sunshine in human form, and you can’t convince me otherwise. This bright and bubbly girl is the very definition of feminine beauty—how can you not fall in love with her? Ji Wan was one of the characters that quickly stood out to me from the beginning, and this was mostly because, aside from her adorable smile, her overall peachy aesthetic was a big contrast to a lot of the other characters’. While many of them wore baggy clothing and sported dark color palettes, she was always clad in floral patterns, candy-colored dresses or skirts, neutral cardigans, and dainty headbands.  



Check out this local clothing store for bright feminine dresses that we think Ji Wan would totally love: From Phoebe. K-Fashion Brand Chuu is also a great place to snag feminine tops, floral skirts, and cardigans. (Don’t worry—they ship internationally!) You might also be interested in sprinkling a little quirkiness into your outfit as Ji Wan always does with these really cute purses and accessories from local brand From Blank.



3. Yoon Sol

If Sol is your favorite character from Nevertheless, all we can say is: same! And as one of, if not the most loved, characters in the whole show, her wardrobe truly doesn’t disappoint either. Seriously, every outfit is a statement. 

ICYDK, Lee Ho Jung, the actress who played Sol, actually played a big part in forming her character’s artsy bohemian style. A lot of the pieces, such as Sol’s signature bandana, leather jacket, and even the pride necklace she wore in one episode, were said to be items owned by the actress herself! 



Sol rocks oversized graphic tees paired with neutral or patterned jackets, baggy bottoms, and quirky bags and accessories. If you want to dress as free-spirited and bold as Yoon Sol, the best place we recommend you look into is local thrift stores! We think Sol would particularly love sweet.repeatt, a sustainable vintage IG shop that sells oversized jackets, pullovers, and neutral patterned pieces that are totally up Sol’s alley. You can also cop a leather jacket similar to Sol’s here. (This store also has feminine and grunge pieces that you might like if you’re into Ji Wan or Bit Na’s ‘fits! Speaking of...)



4. Oh Bit Na 

Not to be biased, but I think Bit Na’s outfits are totally underrated. Her styling is loud and fun, edgy and cute all at the same time—just the way she is! From her bright-colored hair to her eye-catching hair accessories and cute makeup jewels, Bit Na totally rocks every soft grunge, e-girl element in all the right places. 



Bit Na’s closet probably consists of a large variety of black clothing, plaid skirts and cropped blazers, crop tops, combat boots, and a whole collection of hair accessories and silver jewelry. If you love dressing as bold and bright as this lovable character, we recommend you check out Fudge Rock on Shopee, Gremlin Wares, a whimsical thrift store on IG, and mayshop123.ph on Shopee as well for Bit Na-esque girly-slash-grunge accessories. 



5. Nam Gyu Hyun

We all have that one laid-back friend, and for the Nevertheless gang, this was Gyu Hyun! If you loved his quiet yet commanding demeanor, then you probably also adored his simple, masculine style. Often sporting muted colors, Gyu Hyun’s signature ‘fit consisted of baggy bottoms (usually grey sweats or jeans), a denim jacket over a plain shirt, and of course, a black beanie.


If hipster Nam Gyu Hyun is your style goals, then you’d probably dig the vast collection of long-sleeved polos and baggy trousers from J-ian Clothing Studio on Shopee. You can also purchase a beanie similar to Gyu Hyun’s here and a silver necklace to complete the outfit as he always does from here. 


6. Park Jae Eon

If your favorite character is Jae Eon… *sigh* LOL JK! There’s really no denying how pogi Song Kang was in this drama (and is in general!), and we totally don’t blame you for wanting to cop his clean-cut, effortless boyfriend looks. 


We all know that Park Jae Eon is a walking red flag, but surprisingly, his closet only consists of dark and neutral colors. Usually clad in dark-washed jeans and sneakers paired with a gray sweater, navy shirt jacket, or that signature purple hoodie, we think that there’s no way he *isn’t* a Uniqlo boy! 


Uniqlo is known for their crisp, minimalist clothing, and if Jae Eon was Pinoy, he’d totally be shopping here for comfy and stylish sweaters. Browse and shop at Uniqlo by simply downloading their app or visiting their website.

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