Where to Buy Temporary Tattoos if You're *Not* Ready to Commit to a Real One Yet

Who says temporary tattoos were only for children?
by Bianca Custodio   |  Aug 27, 2021
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OK, let’s be real—getting a tattoo is scary. Aside from the fact that the whole process probably hurts AF, a tattoo is also permanent, which makes it a pretty big lifelong commitment that some of us may not feel ready for *just* yet.

Don’t get me wrong, getting a tattoo is still at the very top of my bucket list (sorry, mom!). In fact, my besties and I have been discussing design options for as long as I can remember. And if you’re anything like me at all, then you probably also have waaay too many tattoo designs pinned on your Pinterest board and wishing you could try them all out first. But wait—who says you can’t? 

Remember those little water-activated tattoo packs you’d get as freebies from toys? Well, there are now many products of the same nature that emulate the artistry and look of a real tattoo. The good news? Some of them even accept customized designs! 


If you’re looking to get a tattoo with no strings attached, here are a few temporary tattoo products you might want to check out:

1. Custom Temporary Tattoos, The Random Club PH

Jump right into customizing your own temporary tattoo with this local brand’s website customizer tool. Whether you’re looking to get a small minimalist design or you want to try something colorful and quirky, The Random Club PH can make it all possible for you with customizable tattoo stickers that last up to five days! 

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2. Watercolor Floral Tattoooies, Tattoooie_ph

If you’ve ever found yourself window shopping at a Common Room (my favorite pre-pandemic hobby tbh), then chances are you’ve also probably seen this local brand’s *really* pretty temporary tattoos. Tattoooies come in a wide range of designs, but nothing beats their watercolor pieces imo! If you’re into light and elegant tattoos, then you will love everything this shop has to offer. 

Tattooie also offers customized temporary tattoo services. So if you want to turn your original artwork into temporary ink (which they give you full permission to re-sell btw), you might want to check this store out!


3. Full Sleeve Temporary Tattoos, Tintak Tattoo

Think temporary tattoos are only limited to small minimalist designs? Well, you thought wrong! Believe it or not, this local brand makes trying on large-scale elaborate tattoo designs possible for all of us. Extremely high-quality and detailed, these temporary sticker tattoos can also last for as long as one week. Support local, and go get your temporary full sleeve tattoo now!



4. Enhanced Tattoo Stickers, SAI

Praised all over local TikTok for its high-quality tattoos, this China-based temporary tattoo shop sells a crazy wide variety of tattoo sticker designs. From full-sleeve tatts to cute little doodles, there’s a style for all kinds of tastes and aesthetics! These temporary tattoos are incredibly impressive in that not only are they extremely cheap, but they also look *so* real when transferred onto skin. They're also said to last up to 15 days when applied right.

5. Colorful Korean-Style Tattoo Stickers, FOREVRGO

If you’re looking to try colorful minimalist tattoos like K-pop star Hyuna’s signature smileys, you can find a design similar to that and many more in this multi-product Shopee store! You can cop 30 pieces of these non-toxic dainty, rainbow-colored tattoo stickers that last from three to five days for only P58!

6. Freehand Tattoo Marker, Inkbox

As the current leading temporary tattoo brand all over the world, Inkbox is constantly taking temporary tattoos to the next level. They sell a wide variety of designs that cater to all kinds of tastes and aesthetics, but if you don’t exactly know what you’re into — don’t worry! Inkbox provides a free quiz you can answer on their website if you’re looking for personalized tattoo recommendations. 


However, not only can you customize your own designs through Inkbox, you can also opt to purchase their Freehand Tattoo Marker, a tool that allows you to take full control of your custom tattoo designs by allowing you to draw them directly on your skin! There are also a range of Freehand Ink tip sizes you can choose from if you want to get even more creative with the thicker or thinner lines. Inkbox tattoos are waterproof and last for about one to two weeks. And yes, they ship internationally!


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