What's Inside Chloe Ting's Bag?

See what the Australian fashion blogger totes around and find out her beauty and style essentials.
by Erin Torrejon   |  Mar 30, 2015
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Popular Australian fashion blogger Chloe Ting recently visited the Philippines for a quick vacay and catch-up session with fellow bloggers Tricia Gosingtian and Laureen Uy. We luckily got the chance to meet her and talk about everything fashion and beauty—two of our favorite topics! We're sharing with you what we got to chat about and if you scroll down below, you get to see what's inside her bag!

 1  5 things you can't leave your house without?
"My phone for social media, eyeliner, my wallet (sounds boring but I need it!), high heels of course, and my moisturizing cream!"

 2  Go-to makeup look?
Eyeliner, a little bit of eyeshadow for contouring, and a lot of bronzer! I don't really wear anything on my lips. 

whats in her bagInside Chloe's bag

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 3  Go-to outfit?
"Something really easy. A crop top or t-shirt and shorts. For errands I won't wear heels but when I go out I love wearing platform or chunky heels."

 4  Who would you trade closets with?
"If I were taller, Miranda Kerr.  Definitely her. I don't really wear anything like that all the time. It's just so gorgeous, fresh, clean, and she can wear different styles! I just really like it."

 5  Tips for future Filipino bloggers?
"It's always going to be hard in the beginning. Just be persistent, keep trying, and don't be put down by what other people say. Be strong and be confident."

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