What It's Like to Be the Stylist of Nadine Lustre

Joanna Garcia talks about the actress's style and work ethic.
by Marj Ramos for Preview.ph   |  Mar 26, 2016
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Ever wondered what it's like to work closely with a big star? Meet Joanna Garcia, a 25-year-old Educational Psychology graduate of De La Salle University who also happens to be one of Nadine Lustre's go-to stylists.

Joanna and Nadine taking a quick break during a photo shoot to snap a selfie


In an interview with Style Bible, the young stylist reveals to us some insider details about the actress's unique style, genuine work ethic, and what it's really like to work with a famous celebrity. Read her answers below!

How was your first meeting with Nadine? Were you nervous? Did you already know then that she was a big star?

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"First time I met Nadine was when we had a shoot for MTV PINOY. It was during the week when they were promoting On The Wings Of Love—it was their pilot week. She asked for my name and then she introduced herself with a warm smile and a handshake. She was already a big star then, so I was really nervous at that time! The first time I styled her, we did like 20 changes. I played around with different looks and had her try classic to trendy outfits."

How did you score her as a client and how long have you been working with her?


"Viva Artists Agency booked me for my first gig with her. It’s been seven months now since August 2015."

What's it like working with her? Please share with us her quirks that other people don't see onscreen.

"It's such a breeze working with Nadine. She is one of the most candid, creative, and genuine people I know—no BS here! She's very funny and down to earth, too! She eats whatever food is served on set."

Describe her style. When it comes to fashion, what are the things she likes and dislikes?

"She's not too girly. She’s edgy, rather. She's open to try different looks, and she knows her fashion. She has her own style."

Name a celebrity whose style is very similar to hers.

"Kate Moss and Nicolla Anne Peltz."

Would you say that your aesthetic is very similar to hers? How do you make her wear a particular outfit or try on a new trend?


"My style direction or aesthetic for Nadine is always chic (number one rule), subtly sexy, and still edgy. When it comes to trends, we try to play around and integrate some in her looks, but we're not slaves to what's 'in.' Fashion rules are meant to be broken, anyway. I want her to set the trend, and not only follow them. I want her to have a signature look that's truly Nadine."

Why do you think you get along with her so well?

"I understand her style very much, probably because we're both millennials. We can relate to each other's taste when it comes to fashion icons, the latest looks of celebs and bloggers, plus where to go shopping."

What's the best thing about being the stylist of Nadine Lustre?

"Aside from Nadine being genuinely nice, she can carry any look and outfit very well. People always look forward to her #OOTDs. The best thing about being her stylist is that she truly listens but still manages to keep her own distinct style."


Give us a fun trivia about Nadine.

"She is very artsy and creative. One time, I even caught her making a dreamcatcher with gemstones in it!"

Now you know who to stalk on Instagram to see more OOTDs of Nadine.

Photos courtesy of Joanna Garcia. 

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