What Do Smart Girls Always Have In Their Bags?

You can totally tell a smart girl through the contents of her bag.
What Do Smart Girls Always Have In Their Bags?

Besides the obvious essentials such as your phone, wallet, and house keys, there are several things every smart girl should keep in her bag, especially during the delicate growing up years where we're all prone to gross feelings and awkward mishaps. Smart girls can never be too heedful when packing essentials that double as fashion and beauty lifesavers. Here are some things we think you should definitely stash in your bag so you can be prepared for anything, while looking good and feeling fresh all the time.

1. Baby powder

Though getting active is pretty fun, your teenage skin isn't always agreeable to sports and other physical activities. By the end of the school day, you're guaranteed to have sweaty armpits and oily scalp which would then make you feel really icky all over. Since your skin could still be too sensitive for strong deodorants, you can use baby powder to dry your sweaty pits and keep you feeling fresh after your PE classes. Keeping a small bottle is also handy for soaking up excess oils on your scalp (just like a dry shampoo), handling salad stains on your shirt (it will absorb the grease off and mask the splotch), and detangling accessories (it will loosen the knots on your favorite charm necklace).

2. Hairspray

Your puberty days also mean that your scalp is in a constant oil-producing overdrive, making you look like you didn't even bother taking a shower. Gross! To combat this, put your hair up in a sleek bun or a classy half ponytail and secure it with some hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray. It's also useful for preventing runs on your tights or stockings, removing lint from your clothes, and prolonging your shoeshine.

3. Mosturizer

Growing up also means being prone to pimples and that's one thing you can always prevent with a good skincare routine. Keep a small pot of moisturizer in your kikay kit so you can hydrate your skin to remove redness and irritation that might soon lead to wicked-looking zits. You can also use it for removing scratches on your leather bag or shoes, loosening stuck rings, and taming those tiny wispy hairs that are sticking out from your supposedly sleek ponytail!

4. Quick-drying colorless nail polish

Trust us, there are sooo many uses for clear nail polish other than tidying up your nails for school inspection (or making sure your hands are pretty for hand holding). Remember those tiny warts on your skin that are not only gross but also super embarassing to show? Because your body is still undergoing changes, your immune system may still be weak from viruses, making you susceptible to common warts. Good thing you can cover it up with a nail polish and it will dry up within a week! (Make sure you toss away the polish you used to prevent spreading more virus in other body parts.) It's also useful for securing unraveling buttons, running stockings, and fraying hemlines.

5. Panty liners

You know those moments when you just feel extra moist down there? No more hush-hush here, it's your daily discharge. Yes, it's gross. We can hear your "Eww" right there. But it's real and it happens to every single one of us! In fact, you'll probably feel more wet during your puberty years because your body is experiencing constant hormonal changes. With the amount of daily discharge your body creates, you may feel increasingly uncomfortable in your own body, making it hard to be focused and confident in your every day activities. Panty liners are great for absorbing daily wetness down there. As an on-the-go teen, it's a great thing to have around to keep you feeling dry and clean all day.

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