10 Ways to Dress Like a Cool Girl This 2016

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by Erin Torrejon   |  Feb 5, 2016
 ART Steph Yapnayon
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Want to dress like a cool girl this 2016? First things first, you have to know that gone are the days where bodycons and sky high heels guarantee a super cool look! In fact, everything that's considered cool in the fashion world nowadays is the exact opposite of that type of ensemble. When it comes to the top trend, athleisure or sporty dressing still reigns supreme and will continue to do so throughout the year. But if you really want to dress like a cool girl, going sporty isn't enough. You need to push the boundaries of athleisure dressing, just like some of today's cool girls. Want to know just exactly how you can dress like a cool girl this year? Simply scroll down to find out!

  1. Sneakers are major key.

    Being able to sport a pair of sneakers with any look is your first step into the world of athleisure dressing. 

  2. You need to be well-versed in the world of activewear dressing.

    Because wearing your workout clothes outside of the gym is actually praised now and necessary if you want to dress like a natural cool girl.

  3. In fact, incorporating activewear into your daily looks is a must.

    Yep, you need to know how to mix and match your gym leggings with a streamlined top and your go-to purse.

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  4. Statement eyewear is also essential.

    And it's your best accessory for dressing up all your sporty outfits.

  5. You need to be able to pull off matching sweats.

    And we're not talking about Juicy Couture jumpsuits. This is more about being able to pair a pullover sweatshirt or hoodie with your favorite jogger pants. Going monochromatic is a major plus, especially when worn with your coolest pair of all white sneakers.

  6. Layered all-black looks are a staple.

    You need to be able to pull off an all-black sport look at a moment's notice. And you can never forget your trusty bomber jacket, of course!

  7. Simple and slouchy is the way to go.

    We emphasize the fact that wearing pieces that cling to your body is a major no-no. Basic oversized tees, menswear-inspired outerwear, and slip-on sneakers will be your best friends.

  8. You must be able to mix and match.

    Because some pieces have the tendency to look similar, you need to be able to play around with your everyday looks by mastering the skill of properly putting together outfits that are sporty but still very stylish and chic.

  9. It needs to be effortless.

    Your outfits can't look like you put too much thought into what you wanted to wear. You need to learn how to edit your outfits.

  10. Hanging out with friends who dress cool will definitely help you out.

    Not only will it be extra fun to pick out looks together, you also get to draw inspiration from each other!

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