Wait, Kendall Jenner Tried to Steal What From Her Vogue Shoot?

Spoiler alert: she didn't get away with it!
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 16, 2017
Image: Kendall Jenner | instagram.com/kendalljenner
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We stare in awe at their glorious campaigns and editorials and we love their off-duty style just as much. It's safe to say that yes, we want to know what's inside a model's closet. Lucky for us, Kendall Jenner gave Vogue a 360-degree tour of her closet! Plus, she shared a couple of funny stories behind her favorite pieces—including a pair of Marc Jacobs pants she tried to steal from a shoot.

You read it right, Candy Girls! Supermodel Kendall Jenner tried to steal a piece from a shoot once, and from a Vogue shoot, no less! Kenny shared that she became "obsessed with the star on the butt" on a pair of Marc Jacobs pinstripe pants and tried to steal it. But before she could get away with it, "they caught me and [the pants] were sent to me when they heard I tried to steal them." Oh, Kenny!

Watch the full video below and get a glimpse of all things Kenny—from her fanny pack collection to statement boots.

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