Turn Your Hobbies Into a Money-Making Business Like This Young Entrep

Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.
by Janelle Yau   |  Jun 17, 2017
Image: Alexa Litonjua | instagram.com/alexalitonjua
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Balancing acads and a business is no easy feat, but when you're into sports and traveling, too, juggling everything can be a whole rollercoaster ride! But instead of feeling overwhelmed with everything, Shaianne Lim channeled all her hobbies—from shopping to traveling—to create her own brand, Fashion Paranoia. Read on and find out how this young entrep did it!

How it started. "Everything started with my obsession for fashion. I would spend lots of money on clothes, shoes, bags, and swimsuits to the point that my ang paos almost got wiped out. So I thought, 'Why not make some money out of the things that I love?' and make my love for fashion productive, too."

Why Fashion Paranoia? "I came up with Fashion Paranoia because I used to get so paranoid thinking about all the clothes that I want from some shops getting sold out before I could even save up for it! I decided to focus on selling swimsuits and phone cases because I saw that the demand for these products were high, but the supplies were low at that time. Now that the market is a bit saturated, I started selling apparel as well."


Young entrepreneur. "It's a bit challenging to manage the business since I started it back when I was just a frosh in DLSU. I had to juggle with doing lots of school work, study for quizzes while managing the brand. No regrets at all, though! After all, it's really rewarding knowing that you're doing what you really love."

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Drawing inspiration. "For my entrepreneurial journey, I really look up to those people whose stories are from rags to riches because they inspire me to (as cliché as it may sound) to just keep on going. For my products, I usually draw inspiration from celebrities, style icons, and other designer brands."


Flying solo. "I find it hard being the sole owner because I'm the only one who does everything—from deciding what products or style to release next, curating the Instagram feed, answering customers' queries, and shipping out customers' orders. But then I also see this as an advantage because I don't need anyone's approval before executing a plan or deciding on something. I usually just ask opinions from my customers or I ask my friends and family members. So I guess it really depends on what really works for the owner because each has his or her own unique way of handling things."


Little challenges. "One of the most difficult challenges for me was balancing my time between school and my business. I was so absorbed in the brand that I usually neglected my academics, which ultimately resorted to me extending my stay at DLSU."

What's next? "I'm definitely planning to expand and have multiple physical stores around the Philippines as well as offering more diverse products to sell, too."


Entrepreneurial philosophy. "I personally believe that failure should not discourage you from pursuing your goals and dreams in life. Though failing at something may cause you to doubt yourself, always remember that it is just a phase. Reflect on what went wrong and how can you improve the product or service and I'm sure that that experience will serve as a guide that can help you in the future. Never give up."


Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.

To young budding entrepreneurs. "Determine what you want to do and do what you love. Try to find a mentor who can teach and guide you along the way, too!"

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