Top 5 Style Equations of 2013

by Erin Torrejon   |  Dec 30, 2013
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This year was such a good year for fashion, so we decided to revisit all the different style combos that were both timeless and trending for 2013. Check out which ones you liked the most in this year's Top 5 style equations.

  1. Sweater + Leggings. This classic pairing was a must for a year filled with unpredictable weather and cozy fashion statements.
  2. Dress + Sunglasses. Because living in this tropical country makes this style duo a yearly favorite!
  3. Cropped top + Denim shorts. This trend was big for the year and based on all your OOTD's, we can tell that you were totally digging it too!
  4. Bikini + Shorts. Who doesn't love an eternal summer? This fashion combo is the perfect fix!
  5. Oversized shirt + Pants. The grunge made way for laid back dressing and we're definitely all for it.

That's it for all of 2013's style combos. Watch out next year for more style and fashion features and tips! 

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