This Week's Cool Girl Wears Her Sneakers With Everything

by Janelle Yau   |  Jun 25, 2017
Image: Kelly Nicolas
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Get to know this week's cool girl Kelly Nicolas as she shares with us all the pretty things she loves and all the things that make up her mood board—from style to beauty—you name it!

  1. Name: Kelly Nicolas

  1. Call me maybe: Kelsea? It's my birth name but some people call me by it.

  1. Follow me on: You can catch me on my Snapchat at kellnicolas and on Twitter and Instagram at @kellyonicolas!

  1. My style character: I think my style is a great mix among Gossip Girl, Friends, and the latest version of Footloose!

  1. My go-to outfit: A statement top to go with a pair of great jeans or shorts.

  1. Fashion trend I can't live without: Sneakers with everything! From dresses to culottes.

  1. My fave Instagram account as of the moment: The @barbiestyle account of Barbies traveling and stuff.

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  1. My dream vacay destination: Definitely South Africa!

  1. Colors that make my heart skip a beat: I love my blues, whites, and greys.

  1. 3 beauty must-haves: Makeup remover. I really like the Bioderma Micellar Water because it does an amazing job of removing makeup, it's good for my sensitive skin, and it's not hard to use, too. Concealer and mascara. When it comes to my mascara, I really like the Japanese brands because they're usually long lasting and makes your lashes look long and luscious, too!

  1. I'd love to spend the day with: Either Gigi Hadid or Julianne Hough.

  1. Must-follow: Kim Jones!

  1. Style philosophy:

Dress comfortably but don't compromise style.

Whose style mood board do you want to see next? Tweet us at @candymagdotcom, and you just might see her next week!

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