This Model Wouldn't Swap Her Classic Hi-Tops for Trendy White Sneaks

by Janelle Yau   |  Apr 9, 2017
Image: Chio Gonzalez |
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When she's not busy taking the modelling world by storm, you can find cool girl Julia hanging out at a café and beach/surf lifestyle shop in the busy city of Makati. Despite her busy and on-the-go lifestyle, you can still be sure that when it comes to her style game, Jules will never disappoint with her unique spin on fashion incorporating the biggest trends of the sixties and the nineties. Keep scrolling to find the different things that make Julia squeal with joy as well as her style icons and must-follows on Instagram.

  1. Name: Camille Julia Velasquez

  1. Call me maybe: My friends and family call me Julia or Jules!

  1. Follow me on: Check out my Instagram at @burp_factory.

  1. My style character: My style is a mix of these three classic movies: Clueless, The Great Gatsby, and Taking On Woodstock.

  1. My go-to OOTD: I like to wear a pair of comfy pants with a button-down top and I always always cap my look off with my signature black, hi-cut Chucks.

  1. The fashion trend I will never get tired of: Hoop earrings and hi-cut Chucks.

  1. My fave Instagram accounts: IGNANT (@ignant), Cat (@catsbecauseduh), and Tenant Manila (@tenantmanila)!

  1. My dream vacay destination: Definitely Africa and Europe.

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  1. Colors that make my heart skip a beat: I usually gravitate towards warm, earth tone shades like blacks and whites.

  1. My 3 beauty must-haves: A good ol' moisturizer and lipbalm to keep my face hydrated and a mascara!

  1. Beauty trend I simply don’t understand: Excessive make up to the extent of looking like a whole different person.

  1. I'd love to meet: Twiggy and Barack Obama!    

  1. Must-follow: Yasmin Suteja (@yasminsuteja)

  1. Style philosophy:

Just be yourself!

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