This Is The Layering Trick That's Perfect For The "-Ber" Months

Add a lot of spice and style to the chilly "-Ber" months with this easy layering trick.
by Janelle Yau   |  Oct 24, 2016
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If you're wondering how you can instantly add some oomph to your look, or if you're thinking of ways on how to expand your closet without breaking the bank, you don't really have to shell out more cash to do so, Candy Girls. All you have to do is layer, layer, layer!

Mastering this technique can be a little challenging because of the unpredictable weather in the country, but doing so will work wonders for your fashion game. Take advantage of the chiller atmosphere of the "-Ber" months, and try this easy to do layering trick perfect for the cooler months ahead!

Layer a sweater over a button-down shirt to create a preppy and stylish look in a snap!

Keep your OOTD sleek by wearing a fashionable cropped sweater over a classic white button-down shirt. End the look with a pair of black bottoms for an OOTD that can take you from group presentations to a quick dinner out with the block afterwards.


For a cute school uniform for the day, dress down the serious white button-down by wearing it under a sporty cropped sweater. Leave a few buttons of the button-down shirt unbuttoned to bag extra style points, and to show off your cute mini, too!

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If you're going for a chic and classic look for the day, wear a thin sweater dress over your button-down tunic, and add denim jeans to the equation. Keep your accessories fun and vibrant for a sophisti-cute OOTD.

If the weather is extra chilly today, or if you plan on cooping up in the library for a big exam, battle the cold with a chunky knit and button-down combo. End the look with a pair of edgy boots for an instant dose of cool!

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