This Is How You Make the T-Shirt and Jeans Combo Look Cool Again

by Janelle Yau   |  Apr 17, 2017
Image: Pinterest Art: Clare Magno
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There are so many style equations that will guarantee you a flawless outfit for the day, but surely nothing beats the simplicity and the versatility of the t-shirt-and-jeans combo. You can rock this laid-back look for the lazy days and you can easily dress it up for a Friday night out with your blockmates, too! The only downside to this everyday uniform is that sometimes girls tend to play it safe with this style equation because they've gotten too comfortable with it already. Scroll down as we show you how to put a creative spin to your t-shirt-and-jeans combo to make it look less lazy and cooler.

Cropped and ripped           


For an easy look for the day, grab a basic, white cropped tee and wear it with your favorite pair of loose, ripped jeans. Cap the look off with a pair of strappy sandals to add a touch of bohemian to your look for the day.


Tucked and eclectic


Neatly tuck your white tee into your jeans for a clean, sharp look and end your outfit with a pair of fun, snazzy footwear for a quick eclectic touch.

Loose and posh.


One easy way to dress up your t-shirt-and-jeans combo? Add a pair of sleek, black pumps to the equation! Throw on a leather jacket to rack up the style points!

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Bold and artsy


Who said that a shirt-and-jeans style equation can't be cool? Opt for a statement tee and wear it with a pair of bold, artsy denim. Pack on the accessories and add a bold third-piece for an outfit that's hard to miss.

Retro and cool


Take the vintage route and opt for a cropped, striped tee to go with a pair of retro, flared jeans! Grab a black hair elastic and you're all set to hit the town.

How would you make your t-shirt and jeans cool again?

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