This Fashion Lover Started a Brand When She was Just a Junior in College

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by Janelle Yau   |  May 13, 2017
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It's no secret that balancing school and business is no joke. It takes a lot of time, passion, dedication, and knowing what your priorities are to make sure that your business booms while still making sure that your grades won't slide down. Corine Sibug knows that and because of her love for fashion and her dedication to both her school and biz, she managed to prove that starting a business while still in school is totally doable! Find out how Corine started Suzy Clothing.  

How it started. "I was in my third year of college when I started Suzy. Back then, I didn't know anything about online selling since I specialize in designing only. To put the brand on the map, I produced a few pieces for my first collection and posted everything on the Instagram account I made for Suzy Clothing. It took a while, but slowly people started to notice my brand and left a lot of good feedback, which made me want to continue the business for good."


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Why Suzy Clothing? "It all began when I wanted to produce clothes for myself that I do not usually see in the market. Because I couldn't find the pieces that I wanted, it inspired me to start my own brand and sell my pieces, too."


Young entrepreneur. "Being an entrepreneur is hard on its own, but given my age it was definitely harder because we all know that juggling school and an actual business is no easy feat."

Drawing inspiration. "Whenever I travel, I always take the time to notice the unique styles other people have and how unusual it is compared to the other places that I've been to already. I get inspired with the different ways people dress and style their clothes all over the globe."


Flying solo. "I wouldn't say that working on a business alone is hard, but at the same time having no one, but yourself to depend on from—designing to quality control—can be challenging. But I do like how I am in full control of my clothing line because in that way, I am able to produce outputs that I truly love and desire for the line."


Little challenges. "A lot of times I would have a difficult time creating new designs for a collection while still handling everything on my own."

Staying original. "Suzy Clothing values the feeling of being one of a kind, so we produce only a limited number of pieces per design. Plus, Suzy Clothing also specializes in custom-made clothing, so you can turn your dream OOTD into a reality."


What's next? "I'll be having my own showroom for Suzy Clothing in a few months, which has been requested by so many customers already. This is also to promote convenience amongst clients."


Entrepreneurial philosophy.

"Given the advanced technology we have today, it is not hard to reach various groups of people.

So invest in advertising—especially through social media."

To young budding entrepreneurs. "Be different and don't be too hesitant about starting your own biz. Not only that, it's important that you enjoy whatever business you're going to start up because simply producing similar outputs to your competitors will not make you standout. Make a statement!"

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