This Cool Girl's Style? Feminine and Comfortable With a Touch of Class!

Meet Issa!
by Janelle Yau   |  Jul 23, 2017
Image: Issa Baraquel
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A 22-year-old Cancer who gravitates towards the beach and SALE signs at the mall, Cool Girl Issa Baraquel is often described as talkative, makulit, doña, and fierce. Although she may look mataray on the outside, you can be sure that this stylish gal is kenkoy in the inside. Get to know Iss as she shares with us all the things she love.

  1. Name: Issa Baraquel

  1. Call me maybe: Just Iss!

  1. Follow me on: You can check my Instagram and Twitter at @issypeasy

  1. My style character: My style is a whole lot like the movies Before Sunrise, Casablanca, and Young Sophie Bell. Feminine and comfortable with a touch of class.

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  1. My go-to brands: I am a confessed ZALORA addict. Mango on sale is heaven and Uniqlo for the basics we know we all need.

  1. My no-fail style equation: I like to maintain balance in all things, including my outfit. So on a lazy day, I like to wear a tank with jeans or a sleeved top with a pair of shorts or skirt. But regardless of what I wear, I always have to cap my look off with a pair of great shoes!

  1. Colors that make my heart skip a beat: All the pastel Sharpie highlighter colors.

  1. Fashion trend I can't ever live without: A little black dress! It's not a trend, but it's definitely iconic.

  1. My beauty must-haves: I've been buying The Face Shop's Dual Veil Concealer since high school! It's definitely my true best friend. I also love Happy Skin's Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies. I love the formula, the color, and the packaging! Another one of my beauty faves is Clinique's Matte Pressed Powder. I bought this because I found it so pretty, but ended up loving the powder itself.

  1. Beauty trend I simply don't understand: Hair extensions! I find them a little creepy. Apparently some companies even source their hair extensions from rural village girls in China. I mean, I get eyelash extensions, but I make sure they're synthetic!

    I can't leave the house without my: A jacket! I get cold easily so I have a few of these handy.

  1. My best splurge: I love my Onitsuka Tigers. They're softer than a baby's butt and I can wear them with both casual dresses and jeans.

  1. Fave shopping tip: Fit is everything and spend more on timeless pieces than on trendy ones. Invest in good quality. Plus, if you don't love it, leave it—there will be better things in store for you.

  1. Must-follow: The Estrada twins are perfect. Follow them at @tracianne and @trasienne.

  1. Style philosophy: Work on getting comfortable in your own skin first.

With confidence, you'll figure your style out and anything you wear will look natural on you.

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