These Are the Right Ways to Wear 2016's Favorite Denim Style

by Janelle Yau   |  Mar 1, 2017
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For the longest time, skinny jeans have been the queen bee of all things denim. Whether you're a fashion girl or not, we're pretty sure that the skinnies have been your go-to pair for your daily OOTDs. But last year, we saw new denim styles popping out from left to right. While the skinny jeans have a sleek and straight cut, 2016's favorite denim style was more rugged, trendier, and definitely edgier. Read on to find out how you can wear the two-toned denim jeans and how you can make it look even cooler this 2017!

Unlike your skinnies and your classic straight cut jeans, a two-toned pair is a little bit tougher and a whole lot edgier. Let your trendy denim be the star of your OOTD by wearing it with neutral pieces—from a basic gray tee to a pair of chic ballet flats.

Edge up your already bold pair of two-toned denim jeans by neatly tucking in a statement tee. Grab your toughest pair of ankle boots and spice up your uni's corridors with a breeze.


Denim on denim may have been a huge fashion faux pas circa 2001, but these days it's chic with just the right amount of gritty. Wear your two-toned denim jeans with an equally rugged denim button-down for a cool double denim look for the day!

Add a little bit of sleekness to your school uniform for the day by wearing your trendy jeans with a forever chic and sleek black turtleneck. Cap the look off with a pair of fancy footwear and you're all set to head to school in style.

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For a cool androgynous take on the two-toned denim, wear it with an oversized button-down, pull your hair back, and end the look with a pair of statement earrings. Plus points if you can borrow your dad's or boyfriend's favorite button-down.

How would you wear the two-toned denim jeans? Let’s swap OOTD ideas below!

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