These Are the Fashion Items You Shouldn't Buy When You're Broke

Do yourself a favor and skip these on your next mall sesh.
by Katherine Tsang   |  Jan 27, 2017
Art: Clare Magno
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Retail therapy is great escape for a lot of girls. But cash-strapped times hit everyone once in a while and life for the fashion girl on a budget can be quite the challenge—especially if she is someone who can't do without good retail therapy every once in a while. So what do you do when your funds can't keep up with your passion for style? Screen your fashion finds well, Candy Girls! Below, we're listing down the fashion items you definitely shouldn't spend on if you're on a tight budget.

Fashion trends!

It's easy to be swayed into buying what all your favorite style bloggers and celebs are wearing right now. While trends are fun to roll with, if you're on a budget, then there's definitely no need to keep up with the current craze just for the sake of fashion. Trends come and go and the same can be said with your bank account if you keep on splurging on trends that won't last anyway. Opt for classic pieces instead to build a versatile wardrobe that will last you a lifetime.


Clothes that do not fit.

We've heard this said before that "If it doesn't fit you like a glove, don't buy it." The key to looking (and feeling) great in what you're wearing is how well your clothes fit you. Don't be tempted to buy something too small with the goal of losing weight in mind. Similarly, don't settle for a size larger and pass it off as an oversized piece just because your size has run out. Great-fitting clothes never go out of style. And if you can't find one that fits you well, then it's probably not meant to be.

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Sale items!

It's so tempting to dig through the sale rack in an attempt to find cheaper items that'll fit the budget. But don't be fooled, Candy Girls. Buying when there are sales does not always mean that you're saving money! Spending P500 on a discounted jacket doesn't save you a thousand bucks, it just cost you P500.


Cute knickknacks.

Think cute foot socks, makeup pouches, little coin purses, and more! These little items can be so tempting to just pick up and plop into your shopping bag while waiting for your turn in the cashier. But do you really need another cute pouch, Candy Girls?

Clothes you'll only wear once or twice—maximum.

While a heavily-beaded frock is swanky, would you actually wear this beaded number more than once? Instead of splurging on a fancy dress you'll probably never wear again, why not have a clothing swap with your best gal pals for your next event? That way, you'll save money and have fun with your friends, too! Double yay!

What's your Achilles heel when it comes to fashion?

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