The Stylish Pieces You Need for Your OOTDs, Based on Your IG Feed

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The Stylish Pieces You Need for Your OOTDs, Based on Your IG Feed

Everyone knows the importance of having a well-curated Instagram feed—it shows who you are, what you're capable of, and how you want to be seen.

This is why details matter, especially when it comes to your OOTD posts. If you want to rake in the hearts, you can start by checking out these pieces from the GUESS Originals and 2019 Spring collections. Here are our top picks based on your grid:

1. Tropical

Does your feed revolve around blue skies, sandy shores, and palm trees? Reflect that island life aesthetic by wearing denim shorts and a bright tank top. Add a bold-colored bag to make your color choices stand out.

2. Cityscape

If your feed is heavy on scenic backdrops, draw focus to them by putting on an oversized T-shirt, a pair of faded shorts, and a pair of fresh white kicks.

3. Casual cool

Are you all about that comfy, cozy aesthetic? Throw on an oversized jersey dress and pair it with a backpack for a too-cool-to-care vibe.

4. Flex

If you’re fond of doing ground poses like this fierce lunge, wear clothes with pops of red to stand out from gray walls. Do a rap squat pose to show off your attitude.

5. Color splash

Highlight a vibrant color in your look to really make your photo pop. A bright green tank top just might do the trick.

6. Retro

Wear this striped cropped shirt if you’re eyeing a vintage vibe. The stripes, together with the shirt’s faded color, lend a pop of nostalgia to your photo. Plus points for a lazy, dreamy pose.

To learn more about the GUESS 2019 Spring Collection and the GUESS originals, follow the brand on website and head to their Facebook. The GUESS 2019 Spring Collection is available in select stores, and the GUESS Originals will be available in-store starting May 3, 2019.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with GUESS.