The Only Styling Trick You Need To Create A Longer Torso

And we've got the receipts to prove it.
by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 5, 2016
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While we believe that every girl is unique, beautiful, and should love herself just the way she is, we totally get that insecurities are still inevitable. There are days when you'll feel bloated, or you'll have those awful bad hair days that simply can't be tamed. These may make you want to hide under your sheets the whole day, but you should never let these insecurities get in the way especially when you can style your insecurities away.

Filipinas are known to be mostly petite and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! But there's also nothing wrong about wanting to add a few inches to your height. For days when you want to look taller than usual, but don't feel like wearing painful stilettos, one trick is to create an illusion of a longer torso to look taller in a snap! You're going to want to bookmark this page, Candy Girls because we're sharing with you the only styling trick you need to create a longer torso. Plus, how you can mix and match different pieces to make your OOTDs fun, fashionable, but still one hundred percent flattering!


Tuck a fitted top under your bottoms for the day to create a longer torso.

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Go denim on denim!

Look totally fashionable with a trendy denim-on-denim OOTD. Wear your fitted top under a cute pair of denim shorts and top the look off with a tough denim jacket draped over your shoulders for an on-point look for the day.

Play with different cuts and colors.

For a trendier take on this styling trick, opt for an off-shoulder fitted top and pair it with classic jeans. One common misconception about trying to create an illusion of a longer torso is that one should stick with dark hues only. We say that you shouldn't be afraid to play with vibrant colors at all because with the right formula, it can still look flattering. 

Skirt the issue!

For a fun and fresh OOTD perfect for a hangout, grab a cute fitted tank and tuck it under an equally cute mini skirt!


Go short.

For a cute school uniform for the day, grab your fresh white fitted top and wear it tucked into a refreshing pair of blue shorts. End the look with a long cardigan for the cold rooms and a pair of trendy white sneaks.

Keep it quirky.

Keep the outfit flattering, but always fun by adding quirky accessories into the look like Karlie's cute and eccentric jacket!

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